WordPress 4.8.2

WordPress 4.9 Preview

WordPress 4.9 is on the horizon, with an expected release date of Nov. 14. The release brings upgrades to the customizer, new widgets and even easier coding options for developers. Read on to find out more about the exciting updates below.

The most current version of WordPress 4.8.2 was released Sept. 19. The release addressed and fixed 9 security issues, including blocking SQL Injection and Cross Site Scripting vulnerabilities, aka two top ways hackers use malicious code to access and exploit private data. So needless to say, if you haven’t already, it’s time to update your site, like right now.



WordPress said while there were no problems in the core of its software, the vulnerabilities made plugins and themes prime targets for being hacked and affecting the sites they run on.

All WordPress versions from 4.8.1 and earlier are affected and need to be updated asap. According to WordPress, only 45% of its users are on the current version, leaving everyone else open to these nine security flaws and open to some of the most prevalent hacking techniques out there.

To update your WordPress install, follow this guideline:

  1. BACKUP YOUR SITE FIRST – With a backup you can always revert back should something go wrong. (Note if you have KartHost™ hosting your site it is backed up every 4 hours). We still recommend you do a backup since there’s no such thing as too many backups.
  2. Upgrade all your plugins FIRST
  3. Then upgrade your theme (caution if you have customized by changing your themes php code without changing the themes name or creating a Child Theme do not upgrade your theme, you will overwrite your customizations. Consult your theme designer if you’re not sure.)
  4. Now you can upgrade WordPress Core, its simple to do.

Note: If you have Managed WordPress Hosting with KartHost™, we will be doing all this for you, with the exception of upgrading your theme. We will update your Beaver Builder theme if you have the EZWP Builder package. If you have KartHost™ WordPress VIP Support Plan, we will upgrade your theme on a per request basis.

Don’t wait. Secure your site today by updating the current version of WordPress. Contact us if you need any help or have any questions.


A few beta versions of WordPress 4.9 have been released, previewing a few of the features and upgrades to look forward to. Here are a few of the highlights:

Drafts & Scheduling in Customizer

WordPress 4.9 will introduce a new way to save changes you make in a customization session. You will have the option to publish your changes live, save your changes as a draft or schedule the changes to be published at a future time as shown in this screenshot from a beta version of 4.9:

4.9 WP Drafts Schedule

WordPress 4.9 will also allow users to preview, download & activate themes directly from the Customizer.

Brand New Gallery Widget & Widget Updates

WordPress 4.8 brought 3 new media widgets for images, videos & audio. WordPress 4.9 is introducing a gallery widget allowing you to easily drag & drop galleries to any widget ready area. Additionally, you will be able to include videos on your site hosted by providers other than YouTube and Vimeo with the introduction of oEmed support.

WordPress 4.8 also brought in a rich text widget, eliminating the need to use HTML code for visual and plain text editors. WordPress 4.9 will bring you the ability to add an image, with an “add media” button within the text editor.

Keep up with the changes and updates on WordPress’ Release Page We will update you when the final version launches!

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