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24/7 Content Updates to Your WordPress Site - VIP WordPress Care Plan
You’ll get an entire professional team to make changes to your WordPress site for less than the cost of one part-time employee!
True 24/7 Care Team Availability
VIP WordPress Care Plan

Super Simple Working with the WP Care Team


You simply email a WordPress task request to an exclusive email address, letting us know what needs to be done. It is received by our VIP WP Care Team.
The VIP WP Care Team will review your task to make sure we have all the information we need. And assign the task to one of the VIP WP Care Team members who completes it within 8 hours (usually much faster).
We let you know the task is done. And you have saved time to work on your other projects in your business or website.
VIP WordPress Care Plan
Unlimited Support Tasks
Our Care Plans include an unlimited number of help requests of up to 30 minutes each. Longer tasks of up to 2 hours are available.
Dedicated WP Team
Think of us as your dedicated WordPress Support Team. We are also your WP Counselors.
VIP WordPress Care Plan
VIP WordPress Care Plan
We Handle Your Updates
We take the burden of keeping your WordPress Core and Plugins updates with Visual Validator. We want you focusing on your business and website content. Leave the rest to us!
VIP WordPress Care Plan

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We would love to have you sign up. 

However, the VIP WordPress Care Plan is only for LIVE sites. Not ones under new development.

Once you take your site LIVE, we would love to work with you!

You can send in as many as you wish; there is no limit on the number of tasks per month.

Please remember that our WordPress Professionals must be able to complete each task in 30 minutes or less.

Our WordPress Care Plan Team strives to complete all tasks within 8 hours from time they are received. You can submit Tasks 24/7. A Care Plan Team Member is always on call to help you!

Yes! You can send in your questions and our Care Plan team will be happy to help you make decisions regarding your WordPress site.

We can make content updates, add a banner or images, theme or stylesheet adjustments, install new plugins, configure forms and so much more.

We’ll take care of almost anything that can be done within 30 minutes from code to general WordPress issues. Most of our time is spent with CSS, action and filter hooks, PHP, JavaScript, and the admin panel.

Keep in mind all tasks you send must be completed by our WordPress (WP) Care Plan team within 30 minutes.

What if a task takes more than 30 minutes? If the estimate is for a task to take more than 30 minutes, the option will be given to you to purchase a Medium (1 hr) or Large (2 hr) one-off (one time) task. And work will continue only after your approval.

Or, just break down the task into several tasks if able.

Compile all information, images, documents etc. and be as precise as you can and email ALL Requests to a special VIP WordPress Care Plan email address.

Once you sign up you will get a welcome email with a PDF on how to use the VIP WordPress Care Plan.

VIP WordPress Care Plan

KartHost WP Hosting Clients
Reason to Have
Anyone with a WordPress Website that would like a Professional WordPress Team to handle content updates on a 24/7 per-task basis.
Monthly Pricing


Mth Per Site / No Contract (Hosting Clients)
Non-Hosting Client 186.75 

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