Domain Transfer Checklist: Seamlessly Migrate Your Website's Domain with Karthost

If you are reading this, it means more than likely you already have a Domain Name and would like to Transfer it to KartHost.

Domain Name Transfer Check List
Domain Name Transfer Check List

Let’s Explain What a Domain Name Transfer is

It’s simply moving the domain name from one register to another.

What is a register?

It is a company you pay to register a new domain name, renew it, and where you go to manage the domain name.

Is there a Cost to Transfer a Domain Name?

Yes and the charge varies by domain name tld (.com, .net etc.). But after each successful transfer your domain name will be renewed for 1 year.

Domain Name Transfer Check List

If Your Domain Has a 60 Day Lock You Can Not Start a Transfer

Your Domain Name will have a 60 Day Lock if any of these things have happened:

Domain Name Transfer Check List
You registered your domain in past 60 days
Domain Name Transfer Check List
Previous domain name transfer in past 60 days
Domain Name Transfer Check List
Possible lock if Registrant Contact was changed in past 60 days (check with existing register)

Is Your Domain Name Prepared for Transfer to KartHost?

If your answer is “no” or “I’m not sure” then here’s is a checklist so you can make sure the transfer goes smoothly for you. This will help to avoid a transfer failure. Transfer failures only happen when the person originating the transfer either forgot or didn’t bother to pay attention to one (or more) of the following items:

Check List to Prepare Your Domain Name Transfer to KartHost

Domain Name Transfer Check List
Domain Name Unlocked

Ensure your Domain Name at the current Register is Unlocked.

Domain Name Transfer Check List
Administrator Email is Valid

Make sure your Domain Name Record Administrator Contact is a valid email address.

Domain Name Transfer Check List
Disable All Privacy Protection (ID Protection)

Different Registers are different; some will provide a simple Privacy Protection and offer an advanced Privacy Protection. Regardless, you MUST have all Privacy Protection disabled (aka turned off)

Domain Name Transfer Check List

If using the existing Domain Name Registers DNS, make sure you have set up new DNS. Open a Ticket with KartHost we can help you with this. Otherwise, you risk your email and/or your website going off line.

Domain Name Transfer Check List
Obtain Transfer Code

This Code you will need to start the Transfer Process at KartHost. The code is similar to a password and comes under different names like ‘Transfer Authorization Code’, Authorization code’, ‘AuthInfo’, ‘EPP Code, ‘Transfer Key’, ‘Domain Secret’, ‘Transfer Secret’, ‘EPP authentication’ and could be others.

Domain Name Transfer Check List
Place Your Domain Name Transfer Order

Now that your Domain Name is all set to Transfer, you can place your Domain Name Transfer at KartHost. Click this link . Transfer Now.

If you would like KartHost domain name professionals to transfer your domain name on your behalf click the button below

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