Efficient Information Archiving Solutions: Safeguard Your Data with Karthost

Protect Your Intellectual Property & Email

Information Archiving

How It Works


Share the data of any size with anyone (team members, legal, auditors) without compromising security or relying on a delivery company.

Information Archiving

All Company Communication can be Searched

Compelling event

Recover lost email


HR complaint


Recover email from ransomware attack

Run a quick search

Information Archive

Information Archiving
Information Archiving

Resolutions are expedited

Information Archiving

Surface incriminating conversations

Information Archiving

Suit has no merit - one email and it's dismissed

Information Archiving

Concern validated

Information Archiving

Demonstrate compliance, safely share, select information

Collect. Retain. Access.

Unlimited storage capacity for any size business communications

More archive data sources besides just email:
· Instant Message and other collaboration tools
· Social Media

Information Archiving
Information Archiving
Information Archiving


Simply Share

  • Safely share data with third parties
  • No need for an SFTP site or external hard drive

Unified Archiving

  • Unlimited cloud-based storage capacity and eDiscovery
  • Tracks user activity at the message level (views, exports, tagging, legal holds, comments)
  • Public cloud-based infrastructure has 99.99999999% durability for hosting archived messages to protect against data loss
  • WORM-compatible storage (SEC and FINRA)

Modern interface

  • Search built for anyone – no technical expertise required
  • Data classification and message flagging
  • Case management
  • Optional Group supervision

Flexible search

  • Schedule and automate compliance searches
  • Attachment OCR scanning and content indexing
  • Proactive dictionary scan and highlighting

Great for:

Information Archiving Comparison Chart

Benefits & Features
Information Archiving
Information Archiving
Purchased Per Mailbox
Unlimited storage
SimplyShare Technology (enables easy document sharing with 3rd parties)
eDiscover for emails
eDiscover 50+ sources, like SMS, Social Media, Slack, Teams plus much more
Public cloud-based infrastructure has 99.999999999% durability for hosting archived messages to protect against data loss
Journal to Anywhere Technology
WORM-Compatible Storage (compliant with SEC and FINRA storage requirements)
Attachment OCR Scanning and Content Indexing
Message Activity History (tracks all user activity at the message level, including exports, views, tagging, comments, and legal holds)
Case Management Search Organization for Litigation and HR Investigations
Compliance Analyst Team
Intuitive Data Classification Workflow and Message Flagging
Privileged Addresses (3rd Party)
Group Supervision
Scheduled and Predefined Searches
Proactive Scanning Glossary
Message Classification Workflow
MS Defender for Office 365 P2
Keep your organization safe with intelligent data analysis to identify and respond to suspicious activity quickly.
Cloud App Security
Identify and combat cyberthreats with analytics.
Schedule & Task
Management PowerApps, and Power Automate (Limited Use Rights)
Audio Conferencing
Enable attendees to join from any telephone via a local access number, in addition to single-touch join on PC, smartphone, and browser.

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