Container-Based WordPress Hosting is the Future

And KartHost Partner Convesio removes the complexity and cost of deploying high performance, scalable WordPress Websites.

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KartHost EZWP Complete, Managed WordPress, & WordPress Hosting uses the Convesio Container Platform

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Learn more about the WordPress Convesio Container Platform

Part of the solution is Docker containers that provide the flexibility and features to deliver peak site performance to everyone, including personal WordPress blogging sites, small business sites, agencies with multiple sites, enterprise brands, and more.


It’s very fast

Docker containers are very efficient, and our stack has been designed to improve site speed, minimize hosting server resource bottlenecks, and ensure high scalability.

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True auto-scaling

When your WordPress site needs more resources during high-traffic periods, Convesio instantly scales, to handle the increased traffic and, then down again when you don’t.


Resilient by Design

If one container fails, it is redeployed instantly – Components of the stack are hosted in different containers. Providing both advanced security and high performance.



KartHost is your support team. We take care of auto scaling on your WordPress site. One less thing to worry about.



There’s no need to plan for peak usage and buy the most expensive option. With the KartHost Convesio WordPress plans, you only pay for the resources that you will need during high-traffic events, such as traffic spikes.


Agnostic Hosting - Provides for the Best Available Hosting

Convesio, being hosting agnostic, is deployed on Google Cloud, Steadfast, Digital Ocean, and AWS. The Convesio platform integrates Cloudflare Enterprise to increase performance and add a second layer of security before a request even hits your website.

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affordable scalability

Providing Affordable Scalability for WordPress Sites

WordPress Scalability Achieved through Architecting.

Elastic Scaling for WordPress that’s Accurate.

Using a combination of proprietary code and open-source software Convesio has solved the challenge of running WordPress in a highly scalable environment.


Cloudflare is integrated to Boost Performance & Security

Your website's speed, overall performance, and adding another layer of security before a request even hits the Convesio Platform is the reason Cloudflare's Enterprise is used on every site.


Auto Scaling for WordPress: Extra Server Resources When They are Needed

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How WordPress Scales Automatically on Convesio Platform

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01. Start with a default number of containers

To allow your site to handle high traffic spikes, WordPress runs on a minimum number of containers we set for you. Like a VPS at a traditional hosting provider, these have dedicated server resources.

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02. Scaling is triggered automatically with a Traffic Surge

To share the traffic load and keep your WordPress running fast if your site experiences a traffic surge, additional containers deploy automatically.

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03. Your WordPress scales across clusters of servers

It’s called ‘horizontal scaling’, and containers for a single website can be deployed across more than one WordPress server. It ensures that scaling is not limited by server resources, no matter whether your WordPress site is on Google Cloud, AWS, Digital Ocean, or Steadfast.

Case Study

The Largest WordPress Virtual Conference needed help Scaling the WP Agency Summit in 2022

Find out how Convesio helped Atarim serve 2 million+ requests to 6,000 visitors from 91 countries in two days!

vito pelleg

"These are insane numbers, just to really understand what we’re dealing with. And to get to a place where everything is nice and smooth as it is inside the venue when people are jumping between the lounge and the live sessions, or between the different booths, is a huge undertaking.”

— Vito Pelleg, CEO – Atarim

Want more reliable, scalable & faster WordPress sites for you and your customers?

At KartHost, we want to bring you the best-in-class technology. The reason we choose Convesio is Convesio is not your typical WordPress platform, far from it! The Convesio infrastructure is designed totally from the ground up for hosting high-performance and scalable WordPress sites.

Are you planning an eCommerce site using the world’s most popular eCommerce solution, WooCommerce? An eCourse using LearnDash or Lifter LMS or others? How about a community built on your site using BuddyBoss? You do not need to worry about your hosting; focus on your business. KartHost will be your SysAdmin for the outstanding Convesio Platform. However, if you like “opening the hood” and managing your own site, we will refer you to Convesio. Either way, you will get the same Convesio Container.

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KartHost EZWP Complete, Managed WordPress, & WordPress Hosting uses the Convesio Container Platform

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KartHost uses Astra as our theme of choice, and Astra has featured the Convesio platform.

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