EZWP eOrders Solutions:
Ready to Take Control of Your Restaurant Orders and Deliver Exceptional Dining Experiences?​

Use your team to build the order system (or the entire site) or let our Pros build it for you.
EZWP eOrders Solution
EZWP eOrders Solution

Streamlined Order Processing​

No more manual order management, eliminate the risk of errors. Our eOrders solutions automate the entire process, allowing you to handle orders seamlessly from start to finish.

Enhanced Efficiency​

Optimize your restaurant’s workflow and resource allocation. Our system eliminates bottlenecks, ensuring a smooth operation that saves you valuable time and increases productivity.
EZWP eOrders Solution
EZWP eOrders Solution

Real-Time Order Updates​

Stay informed with instant notifications and live order tracking. You’ll always know the status of each order, empowering you to provide accurate updates to your customers.

Personalized Customer Experience​

Tailor your menu offerings, accommodate special requests, and provide a personalized dining experience that keeps your customers coming back for more. Also our flexible layouts let you create great-looking menus fast, so you can get your restaurant up in minutes. No coding required!
EZWP eOrders Solution
EZWP eOrders Solution

Multi-Channel Order Management​

Easily manage orders from various channels, including online, mobile, and in-person, all in one centralized platform. Seamlessly integrate with your existing systems and streamline communication between your staff.

Detailed Analytics and Insights​

Make data-driven decisions with comprehensive analytics and reporting. Gain valuable insights into customer preferences, popular dishes, and sales trends to optimize your menu and drive revenue.
EZWP eOrders Solution

Want to have full control over your online ordering system?​

With EZWP Complete Page, you have the power to customize and set up your own online website with an ordering system effortlessly. Feel empowered as you tailor your menu, pricing, and delivery preferences to match your restaurant’s unique style.
EZWP eOrders Solution

Get a taste of what online order management system can do for your restaurant

Take a moment to explore the intuitive interface at our demo site, designed with mobile-friendliness in mind.
EZWP eOrders Solution

Note: Please keep in mind that the demo site is for illustrative purposes only and does not process real orders.

Elevate Your Restaurant with Smart Online Ordering

Take a look at the features that make EZWP eOrder Solutions the smart choice for your restaurant.
EZWP eOrders Solution
Zero Fees

Say goodbye to giving 30% – 40% of each transaction to 3rd-party apps and websites. Say hello to keeping all of your hard-earned revenue.

EZWP eOrders Solution
Mobile First

EZWP eOrder Solutions looks great on any device, so your site and menu are always easy to use no matter which size screen your customer uses to order.

EZWP eOrders Solution
Multiple Locations, One Website

Let customers order food from their closest location. All you need is one website with EZWP eOrder Solutions.

EZWP eOrders Solution
Product/Menu Layouts

Our flexible layouts let you create great-looking menus fast, so you can get your restaurant up in minutes. No coding required!

EZWP eOrders Solution
Product Labels

Beautifully designed product labels to keep your customers informed. Indicate which products are vegan, new, popular, spicy, and more.

EZWP eOrders Solution
Product Addons

Allow customers to add toppings, make a dish vegan, or add a side with product add-ons. Include additional fees or add images to help customers make a decision.

EZWP eOrders Solution
Order Bumps

Suggest additional menu items, sides, or sauces as a customer adds items to their cart to increase your average order value.

EZWP eOrders Solution
Time Slots

Take control of your schedule and set when you’re able to deliver or accept orders for pickup. Customers can then select when they would like their order based on your schedule.

EZWP eOrders Solution
Holiday Scheduling

Easily create one-off or recurring holiday schedules for your business to make sure orders only come in when you’re there.

EZWP eOrders Solution
Full Checkout Control

Set your own fees for delivery, include payment methods you choose, and add optional tip prompts to your checkout to complete the process.

EZWP eOrders Solution
Order Management

Be instantly notified when new orders come in and easily change the order statuses as you start processing.

EZWP eOrders Solution
Timed Products

Choose when your products or product categories are visible in your store. Perfect for lunch menus.

EZWP eOrders Solution
Checkout Tipping

Add tip prompts to your checkout to boost revenue.

EZWP eOrders Solution
WhatsApp & SMS Notifications

Notify customers when their order is on the way.

EZWP eOrders Solution
Custom Checkout

Experience our custom checkout, optimized for quickly processing local delivery and pickup orders.

EZWP eOrders Solution
Table Ordering

Use QR codes to automatically assign table numbers to orders.

Why Choose us?

Say goodbye to the challenges of third-party food delivery. With EZWP eOrder Solutions you will be enjoying these benefits:
EZWP eOrders Solution
Revenue-sharing models
Stop losing a significant portion of your hard-earned revenue (sometimes up to 35 percent of the order price) to third-party food delivery apps. Unlike them, EZWP eOrder Solutions eliminates the need for steep revenue-sharing models, allowing you to keep the full value of each order.
EZWP eOrders Solution
Full control over the delivery process
Take charge of your restaurant’s reputation by removing the dependency on third-party companies. Regain control over the entire delivery experience, ensuring top-notch customer service that aligns with your brand standards.
EZWP eOrders Solution
Seamless communication​
No more confusion or miscommunication regarding orders. EZWP eOrder Solution provides a streamlined communication system that ensures accurate and timely order processing, keeping both you and your customers informed every step of the way.​​
shopping on line
Consistent and transparent pricing​
Avoid the pitfalls of inconsistent pricing. Have complete transparency and control over your pricing strategy. No more surprises or hidden fees that could impact your restaurant’s profitability. We believe in fair and transparent pricing for your peace of mind.​

Streamline operations and deliver exceptional dining experiences.

With our user-friendly platform, you can take full control of your orders, maximize efficiency, and delight your customers every step of the way.
Or Customize and Set Up Your Own Online Ordering System Hassle-free.
Experience the freedom to run your restaurant your way.
EZWP eOrders Solution

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