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KartHost EZWP Builder Announcement of Beaver Builder 2.0

You are going to LOVE THIS!!!

If you are a KartHost EZWP Builder customer, you will really love the new 2.0! With the recent Monumental announcement of Beaver Builder 2.0, KartHost is thrilled to let you know that all KartHost EZWP Builder Members will be upgraded within the next few weeks.  Be watching for your personal notification that will be arriving in your inbox from the KartHost EZWP Builder Upgrade Team.

Get ready to fall in love with Beaver Builder all over again……..

It’s so much clearer!

The most notable change is the visual refresh to help ease out real pain points and help eliminate workflow hang-ups.

KartHost EZWP Builder Announcement of Beaver Builder 2.0


  1. Tools Menu – Moved all of the various settings panels and tools into a new Centralized Tools Menu.
  2. Title Bar –  Added a title area to the toolbar that displays what you’re editing (Page, CPT, Beaver Themer Template, Etc.).
  3. Flexible Settings Panels – The settings panel is WAY more flexible and customizable. They are resizable and dockable! Your personal preferences and tweaks will persist throughout the entire site.
  4. Refined Content Panel – Reorganized the content panel, added icons, condensed the information. and, and gave 3rd party add-ons like PowerPack and UABB the ability to do the same.

There are other improvements and goodies and we want to mention the addition of a new Dark Skin that is helpful in dark environments or creates contrast with very bright layouts and it looks really cool.

Settings  Panels

Settings panels now save your changes as you work and instantly load as you move throughout a page. Check out this video from Beaver Builder and see the new settings panels in action below.

KartHost EZWP Builder Announcement of Beaver Builder 2.0

Keyboard Shortcuts

New keyboard shortcuts are available in 2.0. See how you will be able to navigate through the software with your keyboard and access the new Content Search feature.

Layout State Awareness

A small, but super functional feature, Beaver Builder now displays a status when there are changes yet to be published and during the save process. This allows for a quick exit when there are no changes requiring a publish action.

Preview Mode

Beaver Builder now features a preview mode that allows you to easily preview a page and it’s animations and view pages in various screen sizes.

Beaver Builder 2.0 Resources

If you’d like to learn more about 2.0, we have a few resources to share and have included them on a special page at KartHost. We have set up this page filled with resources and videos from across the web.

Special EZWP Resource page  includes the following  and MORE…..  

HINT: You will want to Bookmark it for future reference

Are you feeling left out?

What if you have a WordPress site but don’t have KartHost EZWP Builder access? Good news is you may upgrade at anytime to KartHost EZWP Builder and start creating your pages and posts with the most popular website builder for WordPress. It is running on over 500,000 WordPress websites but with KartHost EZWP Builder we didn’t stop at just the page builder we added even more goodies. We install for you Beaver Themer and Ultimate Beaver Builder plus free training videos to get you started.

What are you waiting on? Log into your KartHost Customer Center account and upgrade your hosting account to KartHost EZWP Builder. Or submit a ticket and we will help you.



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