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No More Stressing Over Lost Email!

Every Email & Attachment Sent or Received is Securely stored in Separate Email Archiving System

Easy Secure Email Archiving and Retrieval
Email Archiving
Email Archiving

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Email Archiving

Email is by far the lifeblood of your business. It’s also a significant source of risk, for example intellectual property loss, audits, compliance violations, and lawsuits are facts of life. They do not have to cost you and your company dearly. KloudEmail Email Archiving delivers peace of mind, significantly reduces your costs and minimizes risks.

Email Archiving

Store Securely Off Site

Stored outside your email environment for top security

Stored in best-of-class Barracuda's tamper-proof repository ensuring retained securely

Safe protection from Ransomware hacking events

No risk of corruption or deletion of all emails and attachments

Email Archiving

Respond Rapidly Saving Money

Respond Quick to Audits & Discoverys

Simplifies compliance report

All Messages and Attachments are full-text indexed and rapidly searchable

Search Results can be easily saved, tagged, organized, and exported.

Results in significant cost savings. The smallest business can afford it!

Email Archiving
Email Archiving
Email Archiving

Built With Compliance in Mind

Extremely Secure and Safe

You shouldn’t be taking chances with your email when it comes to meeting compliance and corporate governance standards. With KloudEmail Archive, AES-256 cipherstrength encryption is protecting your data both in transit and at rest. This is the same standard used by the U.S. Department of Defense. All messages and attachments are preserved in top-tier, physically and logically secure data centers using immutable storage methods which meet even the most stringent of compliance requirements. Your email is safe!

Email Archiving

Protect Your Intellectual Property

Access to all Emails from Past Employees

Needn’t worry when employees leave your company, that shouldn’t mean a loss of intellectual property or disruption in business continuity. KloudEmail Archiving allows you to maintain access to all emails from departed employees. After all, you own the email.

Email Archiving
Email Archiving
Email Archiving

Easy to Deploy & Access

Easy of Setup and Start Using

With KloudEmail Archiving, every sent and received email along with attachments are automatically preserved in our secure cloud archive. The solution can be deployed in minutes with no additional hardware or software required.

Email Archiving

To know that every email is there in the Email Archive system gives me peace of mind. And KartHost keeps improving the KloudEmail products, too. Email Archiving is critically important to our business.

Tommy Kerzee.
President, Lonestar Botanicals Inc.

Email Archiving
Email Archiving

Already Have KloudEmail Service with KartHost?

Contact Sales to add Archiving to your KloudEmail service

Email Archiving
Email Archiving

KloudEmail Email Archiving - FAQ

Still have questions regarding KloudEmail Archiving, please review the following.

Email Archiving is for the entire domain name. Let’s say, for example, your domain name is mybusiness.com.

And you have 7 mailboxes set up on your mybusiness.com domain. All 7 mailboxes would participate in the email archiving.

Another Example. You only have one mailbox. All emails into and out of the mailbox a copy is sent to Email Archiving. You only pay for Email Archiving for that one mailbox. When you add additional Mailboxes those two will have their email sent to Email Archiving and you will pay for Email Archiving for those extra mailboxes.

I you already have KloudEmail  Basic or KloudEmail Suite just contact KartHost Sales and request Email Archiving be added to your domain name.

New Clients make sure to select the KloudEmail of choice with Archiving.

Access is through the KloudEmail Control panel. Or a unique login URL that will allow you (or who eve you designate to login to your Email Archiving.

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You export your data by creating searches and exporting the results of the searches (via EML or PST files). You can export searches with a maximum of 15,000 results and a total size of 3.5 GB, whichever happens first.

To avoid reaching either limit, you can narrow the search parameters to split up the items being exported into smaller chunks.

You can also request an archive export from the KloudEmail team through a KartHost KloudEmail Support Ticket process at a cost of $9.60 per GB for EML format and $12.70 per GB for PST format.

Three file types:

  • .EML
  • .PST
  • .PDF

When you turn on Email Archiving, emails in your mailbox are not automatically placed in Email Archiving. 

We are certainly able to help you with this. If you would like for this to happen, there is a one-time fee to migrate emails in your mailbox into Email Archiving.

Contact KartHost Sales for details.

You will see messages in the archive within 24 hours after enabling archiving. The archiving tool starts as soon as your site is created, but the tool needs time to build the index and make the data searchable.

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