WordPress 4.8.2

WordPress 4.8 Is Here

WordPress 4.8 is now available for download or update. Code named Evans, in honor of William John “Bill” Evans, jazz pianist and composer, this version comes with 3 major features and several minor udpates.


  • Link Updates: Editing links, or text around an existing link, just got a whole lot easier. WordPress 4.8 brings you link boundaries,  allowing you to add text to existing anchor text without having to reinsert the link. Sound confusing?  Check out this quick video
  • Widget Updates: Don’t know code? Not to worry. There are 3 new media widgets making it simple for you to add 1. images, 2. video and 3. audio to your site using your media libraries. It’s as easy as drag and drop. WordPress has also added a rich text widget, meaning you no longer need to know code or download any plugins to add rich text and links.
  • Nearby WordPress Events: Added in to your dashboard, this new section lets you know about all the WordPress events happening near you.  There are offline community group meetings happening regularly in over 400 cities around the world.

Read more on WordPress.org

With all the new features, we suggest reviewing what plugins you currently have active on your WordPress site. Chances are there will be some you no longer need. By purging these obsolete plugins you will benefit from faster site speed.



To upgrade your WordPress install follow this guideline and you will be just fine.

  1. BACKUP YOUR SITE FIRST – With a backup you can always revert back should something go wrong. (Note if you have KartHost™ hosting your sites yours is backed up every 4 hours)
  2. Upgrade all your plugins FIRST
  3. Then upgrade your theme (caution if you have customized by changing your themes php code without changing the themes name or creating a Child Theme do not upgrade your theme, you will overwrite your customizations.)
  4. Now you can upgrade WordPress Core, its simple to do.

Note: If you have Managed WordPress Hosting with KartHost™, we will be doing all this for you, with the exception of upgrading your theme. If you have the KartHost™ WordPress Maintenance Service plan with your Managed WordPress Hosting we will upgrade your theme on a per request basis.

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