Have you verified your forms are working lately?

screenshot of error on Fluent Forms Pro

This information is specifically for EZWP Members using Fluent Forms and Fluent Forms Pro and users that are very familiar working with their forms:

WARNING: If your forms are not working, please open a new support ticket (in your KartHost Customer Center account) BEFORE making ANY changes detailing the issue you observed.
FYI if you don’t understand what you are clicking on, Don’t Click It. Open a Support Ticket for our Help.

Recently, while helping a client create a new form, we noticed we were not receiving the testing entries into Mailchimp. We found an error message in the Submission logs of the Data Entry. It read, “Resource submitted could not be validated. For fields specific details, see the ‘errors’ array.”

Because of updates and changes in the protocol in any of the processes needed to complete the submission of a form (WordPress, Fluent Forms Pro, Mailchimp, or other integrated services), don’t assume these are set-it-and-forget-it processes. If you’re using Fluent Forms Pro on WordPress to gather and transmit data, it’s essential your forms are validating and effectively sending the required information. We recommend you test them every few months or log into your Entry List and check it against the destination (Mailchimp, Constant Contact, your email, etc.) to verify everything is still working.

Back to the error code solution. After extensive research and contacting the Fluent Forms Pro Support desk, the issue was resolved as follows:

Step 1: Navigate to your WordPress dashboard
Click on Fluent Forms Pro.

Step 2: Go to Global Settings > General > Miscellaneous
You will find several options available here.

Step 3: Locate the “Disable IP Logging” option
Is the option enabled (Green) or disabled (grey)?

Step 4: Turn on the toggle button for “Disable IP Logging”
When this option is enabled, the user’s IP address will not be saved with the form data. This simple action resolved the validation issue, allowing for seamless integration with MailChimp and ensuring that all collected data was being sent appropriately.

Fluent Forms Pro Settings

By following these steps, you can correct this error and have your forms continue to work properly. If you have any questions or need further assistance and are our client with EZWP Membership please open a support ticket for assistance.
(We only support our EZWP Member clients with questions on Fluent Forms Pro)

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