Spring Clean Your Website: A Checklist

Spring Clean Your Website: A Checklist

checklistSpring has sprung, it is officially in the air. No really, the first day of Spring is March 20, right around the corner. With Spring comes the annual traditional of cleaning (fun, we know!). This time of year, people typically kick in to cleaning gear by ridding their homes of dirt and clutter and ridding their lives of unwanted stress. We’re here to tell you to take that same springtime motivation and invest it into a scrubbing of your website.

Whether it’s old fashioned pen to paper or a shiny new app, checklists are an easy tool to accomplishing your goals and help you stay the cleaning course. As you add new content and spruce up your website you will also be helping increase your SEO and will reap the benefit of adding traffic to your site.


You have the vision, maybe you’ve even done your research, but you haven’t quite started on your website/blog yet? Let us help you take the first steps:

  • Secure your domain name. We recommend using your business or personal name as your domain name. Read more on domain names HERE
  • Purchase hosting.  Your web host keeps your website visible and up and running for your users. You want a reliable, fast and customer-oriented web host, like KartHost™ to ensure users have the best experience on your site. Read more on what web hosting is HERE
  • Choose your platform. WordPress is our favorite website building CMS platform. It is user-friendly, you mange your own content and it is so versatile. (read even more why’s HERE)
  • Start building your website. KartHost’s EZWP Builder package EZWP Builder Packagehas everything you need to DIY and save money. It includes everything above – your domain name, KloudEmail (Branded Email), WordPress installed by professionals (that’s us) and your Managed WordPress Hosting. Did we mention, it comes with Beaver Builder a simple, drag and drop page builder for your site, along with in-depth training videos, articles and one-on-one support?


Already have an established website? Great! Here are our top recommendations for your Spring cleaning checklist:

  • Make sure your content management system (CMS) is up to date. KartHost™ recommends WordPress as is the best CMS (read our  blog Top 10 Reasons We Love WordPress). If you choose Managed WordPress Hosting with KartHost™, we do all updates for you. If you are managing your own site, make sure you are running the most current version of your CMS.
  • First impressions count, so update your images, banners, scrolling images, videos. Get rid of the old stock images and replace them with current, timely images that match your business/brand.
  • Review your content and calls to action. Content that is relevant today isn’t necessarily relevant tomorrow. Analyze your content, past blogs and refresh them to stay current and boost SEO.
  • Be responsive. Seriously, we can’t stress this one enough. Now is the time to make sure your website is seamless across all platforms – desktop, mobile, tablet.
  • Out with the old! Double check you don’t have expired promotions, broken links, old calendar events, etc….
  • If you haven’t already, this would be a great time to start a blog. It’s a great way to interact more personally with your users and it boosts your SEO by creating unique and new content.
  • Refresh your social media banners, photos etc.. to match the updates your undertaking on your website.
  • Make sure you are helping your branding by sending and receiving emails with your domain name. KartHost KloudEmail is your solution if you are using free email service now. Learn More..


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