KloudEmail FAQ

KloudEmail FAQ

The following are a few of the questions we hear and answer regularly. If your question is not listed be sure to either send us a note or submit a support ticket.

What is Mobile Sync?

Mobile Sync is a Microsoft Exchange technology that allows you to sync not only your emails, email folders,  but your contacts and calendar events in the KloudEmail Webmail to all your mobile devices.

For an example, if you add a contact or calendar event in Webmail, it will be automatically pushed down to your mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablets. And if you add a calendar event or contact in your mobile device it will be pushed automatically to KloudEmail Webmail

How Do I know if My Account Has Mobile Sync?

Simple, just login to your KartHost Customer Center account. Once logged in click on SERVICE box find a Professional Mail product in your list of “My Products & Services” page Click the green Active button and if you have Professional Mail Basic click the Configurable Options tab and you will see how many mailboxes are using a Mobile Sync License.

If you see on “My Products & Services” page either Professional Mail Advanced or Advanced Plus, all your mailboxes already have Mobile Sync nothing will change in regard to the functions of Mobile Sync

What Happens if I Wish Not to Keep Mobile Sync?

If you prefer not to keep Mobile Sync, you will need to advise us via a Billing Support Ticket. And we will change your account to the new KloudEmail Basic or KloudEmail Basic with Archiving (if you currently have email archiving on your domain name)
Note: Once we remove Mobile Sync from your account, any mailbox that was previously set up with Mobile Sync on a mobile device (smart phones, tablets, iPod’s are mobile devices) the mailbox must be removed and then reinstall with the selection of “Other” mailbox (using IMAP). Our KloudEmail Email Setup Tool with simple step by step instructions will help you with setting up your email account on each of your devices.

Do I have to have Mobile Sync on ALL my Mailboxes?

Yes and No. Yes, with our KloudEmail Suite package all mailboxes across the entire domain name (that you use for email) will have Mobile Sync.  If you wish to not have Mobile Sync you will need to down grade to our KloudEmail Basic.

And the No is where you can take advantage of our “Hybrid” option. Our Hybrid option allows you to mix our KloudEmail Hosted Exchange with Either KloudEmail Basic or KloudEmail Suite. Allowing you to have some with KloudEmail Hosted Exchange (Active Sync) and some with KloudEmail Basic (no Mobile Sync). KloudEmail Hosted Exchange will not only provide you with the ability to sync your email, email folders, calendar events and contacts, but it will also allow you to sync tasks as well. And this syncing is with not only mobile devices but Outlook (the app) as well.

What is Hybrid?

Hybrid allows you to mix either one of KloudEmail Basic or KloudEmail Suite with our KloudEmail Hosted Exchange. You do need to choose between KloudEmail Basic or KloudEmail Suite to sync with KloudEmail Hosted Exchange. This allows those with a true need for the even more capabilities of Microsoft Exchange service to sync all devices with their Outlook as well. This can be a $$ saver for you or your business.

What do I get with the new KloudEmail Suite?

You get all that comes with our KloudEmail Basic, like very large 25GB mailboxes to store all your email and attachments plus the following which is new:

  • 30 GB Cloud Storage of Files Per Mailbox! This is separate from your 25GB mailbox storage
  • Store any file with Desktop Cloud for windows or Mac’s from your desk top directly to your 30GB of Cloud Storage
  • Work with Microsoft Word compatible documents online
  • Work with Microsoft Excel compatible documents online
  • Collaborate with other team members on updating documents in real time in your public folder.
  • More to come in 2017

All this for a few extra cents per month per mailbox

For More Information Check Out:
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KloudEmail Plans & Pricing Comparison

What will be the price differences?

Retired KloudEmail Monthly Rate New KloudEmail Monthly Rate
Branded Email (Basic) $2.49 KloudEmail Basic $2.49
     —–  —- KloudEmail Basic with Archiving $5.99
Branded Email (Advanced) $3.49 KloudEmail Suite $3.99
Branded Email (Advanced Plus) archiving included $6.99 KloudEmail Suite with Archiving $7.49
Exchange 2016 Email $11.99 KloudEmail Hosted Exchange $11.99
Exchange 2016 Email (Advanced Plus) archiving included $15.49 KloudEmail Hosted Exchange with Archiving $15.49


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