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Windows Mail’s End of Life And What It Means For You

Windows Mail Notice that in 2024 it will transition to Outlook 2024

To the users of Windows Mail, a banner appeared at the top of your application warning of the impending changes to the mail manager. By 2024 the Windows Mail and Calendar applications will be gone leaving its users options for their email manager of choice. Although the vessel is going down, they do provide a lifeboat in the form of Outlook 2024 for eligible Microsoft users. The toggle switch on the right-hand side will start the download and start the process of transition.

The important thing to mention is that Outlook 2024 is different than the previous versions of Outlook you might be used to. The 2024 version is the free alternative offered instead of the soon-to-be-removed Windows Mail. The KartHost team has not personally had a great user experience with Outlook 2024. Its limitations and apparent early bugs have left much to be desired. It does not have the appeal nor the features that other email managers have.

For those who do not want to swap to Outlook or are using the opportunity to play the field and browse the email managers, we have done a blog post about Email Managers and even provided alternatives to consider. It’s essential to get the best email manager that works best for you because email is how you correspond to your world. The organization tools and integrations can be tailored to your needs and those will surely improve in Outlook 2024 as Microsoft obtains more user feedback. You can also check out Microsoft’s introductory blog post about the new Outlook’s release

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