Comparing the Elementor Hello and Astra Theme. Which One?

Comparing the Elementor Hello and Astra Theme. Which One?

Why Should I use the Hello Theme vs Astra Theme?

If you have the EZWP Complete package at KartHost we install custom installs of WordPress for our clients. It removes months and months of research from researching what WordPress themes to use (there are thousands) and what plugins complement the theme.

The default go to Theme we install for all EZWP Complete sites is the Astra Theme and the Astra Pro plugin.
Astra has a great blog article on the  Elementor Theme and the Astra Theme. Below is the link if you wish to jump over there to read their article.

But before you go, here is our take on what they are saying…
The blog post on WP Astra compares two popular WordPress themes: the Elementor Hello Theme and the Astra Theme.

The Elementor Hello Theme is a barebones theme framework designed specifically to pair with the Elementor page builder. It’s a lightweight, stripped-down foundation with no features or integrations, essentially a blank canvas for building your Elementor site.
Comparing the Elementor Hello and Astra Theme. Which One?

On the other hand, the Astra Theme focuses on performance and has a deep integration with the Elementor page builder.

It provides styling for all the important elements as soon as you activate it. The Hello theme requires you to use Elementor to design all elements, while Astra gives you a fully-functioning header right out of the box. Both themes are great options, but they’re suited to different use cases. The “Astra vs Elementor Hello Theme: Which One is Best for You?” blog post aims to help readers understand exactly what each theme offers and choose the one that’s right for them.

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