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Why Should You Upgrade from FREE to KartHost KloudEmail?

We’re sure you’ve  heard the old adage, “nothing in life is free.” Once again, this rings true for “free” email providers like Yahoo, Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, and so on.

Nothing Is Free
Nothing in life is free – even “free” email providers.

At the end of 2016, Yahoo announced more than 1 billion accounts had been compromised, aka hacked. That’s billion with a “b”. The stolen data included users’ names, email addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth and encrypted passwords. What’s worse? The hack happened in 2014. Talk about a late notice to its users. Yahoo gave them zero opportunities in 2+ years to change their passwords or take any other actions to protect their online data and identity.

Upgrade to KloudEmail

While it is unclear when Yahoo learned of the breach, according to network security firm FireEye, in 2015 the median amount of time an organization’s network was compromised before the breach was discovered was 146 days. So it’s safe to say one of the world’s largest online companies knew about the breach at least a tad sooner than last month, right? Getting hacked of course is bad, not releasing that information in our opinion is much worse. Which leads us to….


While the cost to open an email account might be $0, we can assure you that it does not mean free. “But what do you mean,” you may be asking, “I don’t pay any money for it?” True, but what users may not realize is they are giving these “free” email providers tons of personal information, not only when setting up the account, but each time they send and receive a message.

Google’s popular online e-mail service may not charge for its Gmail accounts. But the company is still collecting payment in the form of massive amounts of personal information about the people who use it. – CNN Article

There are never-ending lawsuits regarding privacy with free email providers. Some have even accused Google of illegal wiretapping by scanning the contents of emails. The scans are done to collect information to pass onto advertisers so that each time users open their account more relevant ads appear next to their emails. Creepy, huh? Guess what else, this information is not only collected, it is stored to a user profile for future ad targeting. Hello, big brother.

That ad money these web-mail companies are raking in by selling personal information is their bread & butter. They even let their users know that in their lengthy terms & conditions pages they are forced to agree to in order to open the account, by they way.

In addition to to the massive amounts of information users share with a free provider, other things to consider are:

  • Zero customer service – no one to turn to when an issue arises
  • Limits & restrictions placed on accounts – there are many limits and spam filters put in place, which leads to:
  • Deliverability – there are higher technical issues with free mail
  • Perception – using free email accounts looks cheap and unprofessional

In the end, you get what you pay for.

Why Wait?

KartHost KloudEmail™ offers secure connections, large, custom KloudEmailmailboxes, premium security & backup features and much more! We will even migrate your current emails into your new KloudEmail™ account, no problem.

One of the biggest questions we get from new KloudEmail™ clients is, What do I do I am already using another service? Especially single users that might be using email services like AOL, SBCGlobal.net (AT&T), Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and other free email services, or even paid services.

Here are our suggestions:

  • Many services allow you to forward email to another mailbox and also have what is called an autoresponder, better known as out of office or vacation auto reply.
  • If your old email service allows email forwarding we recommend that you set up an email forward to your new KloudEmail™ mailbox.  That way any email that comes in to your old email mailbox will be automatically forwarded to your new mailbox.
  • When you reply to the inbound email that was sent to your old mailbox the person that replies will be replying to your new email address. And, like most modern email clients, whether Webmail, Outlook, Mac Mail, Thunderbird – or what every you use – a copy of that email will be saved.
  • Also we would recommend when you do reply back you might consider mentioning as that you have a new email address so that person can update their contacts.


What to do with all your email in your existing email box? We say bring them with you or migrate them to your new email box.

When you sign up for any of our KloudEmail™ or Hosted Exchange services, we offer a Free Email Migration Service (let us know if you have more than 4 mailboxes). We have the experts on our team that are email moving specialists. We can move a copy of all your emails from your old mailbox and place them into your new mailbox. All you need to do is contact us and let us know you wish to migrate your emails when you place your order. Sit back and don’t worry about moving, we are your moving team.

If you have any questions on getting these things set up, let us know.

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