Email Client or Email Manager

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Email Client or Email Manager

Over the years as technology changes their terms and phares do as well. The use of the terms Email Client or Email Manager may seem two different concepts, but they are the same.

An email client or email manager are both a software program that you install on your computer or mobile device to access and manage your email accounts. Some popular examples of email clients include Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, Mailbird, and Mozilla Thunderbird. They typically provide features such as an inbox, sent and drafts folders, the ability to compose and send emails, as well as the ability to organize and filter your emails.

On the other hand you must first have an email address from an email provider to use with your email client/manager. Your email provider will have an option for access to your email via webmail. This allows you to work with your email from a web browser without an email client or email manager and that is call webmail.

Why do you need email managers?

An email manager is just one part of creating a fully customized email experience. We have a couple of articles that already look into the benefits of why a custom email address is crucial for businesses and even why you need a personal customized email account. The email manager builds on these principles of creating email accounts that are specific to your business, plus it adds the option to create (usually) unlimited email accounts for multiple users and purposes all managed from a central location. 

One of the other really important advantages of an email manager is that your information and emails are secure and accessible only to you. Services like Gmail are “free” meaning that you are paying for the service with your data. That means that all of your emails are essentially read and owned by Google. 

Needless to say, this isn’t a very good option if you are discussing any kind of sensitive information. This is especially a problem if you use your email to communicate anything regarding your finances, such as relaying with your accountant.

Another significant advantage of email managers over a basic online email messenger is storage. Most free online services will have surprisingly limiting storage options that appear to be sufficient at face value. But, when you consider the number of individual conversations and files that tend to be shared within any business environment, this just doesn’t cut it. 

To help visualize this, Gmail which is one of the most popular email providers offers you a decent 15GB of storage. If we compare this to KartHost, our KloudEmail services offer 25GB on the Suite and Basic packages, and 25GB and Unlimited GB with Hosted Exchange.

Why email managers are great for business

An email management system is ideal for business because it centrally collects all emails created and received by employees. These emails can then be categorized with a variety of tags to make the content easier to manage, apply retention periods, and limited access options for confidential and sensitive material. 

Email archiving is of particular importance because it allows for easy retrieval of old correspondence without taking up space in your mailbox. Email managers will usually either copy or remove messages from the application and store them in a separate location. The messages themselves are not usually archived, but the attachments are and they are normally replaced with a link within the message. 

With almost all email managers, you will be able to create unlimited email accounts meaning that each member of your organization can have their own email address. These emails will be centralized meaning that the information can be accessed by an admin when required. Plus, if any of your employees were to leave the company, the data in their email including all correspondence and attachments are retained by your organization.

What is a good email manager other than Outlook?

It’s nice to think we know a thing or two about email systems considering we do offer email services!  

Mailbird instantly caught our attention because of its simple and clean layout that strikes the perfect balance between displaying all of the features you will regularly use while looking very accessible. This is especially important when it comes to onboarding an email management system with your colleagues.

It is also completely customizable which is always a bonus especially when migrating over from another platform. 

Designed for Windows, Mailbird allows you to integrate emails with multiple social media and productivity apps like Linkedin, Whatsapp, Messenger, Slack, Calendars, and Asana. 

This effectively creates the perfect productivity and communication tool by bringing everything together in one place. Why? Because it means that you can manage emails, communicate with different teams, and share products without needing to constantly jump between different programs. 

This not only represents a great time-saving potential but also relieves the stress of feeling like you are constantly chasing up and having to check different feeds or inboxes.

The centralized mailbox allows you to add unlimited (on plans above Standard) email accounts and manage them from a single location. The smart workflow then allows you to draft an email and choose which account you want to send it from. 

Adding to this more efficient centralized system you have great features like key shortcuts to enable faster navigation and searching not just for emails but attachments too. 

Mailbird also includes all of the features that users of Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and similar services are used to. These are options like favoriting emails, the ability to view drafts easily, and searching for important or snoozed emails within folders. 

This all combines to create a powerful tool that is extremely easy to learn and beautifully simple to get the full benefit of every feature it provides. 

We actually like Mailbird so much that we use it personally!

Centralize your online communication

The features of Mailbird really do echo the most important principle behind email managers, which is to centralize and facilitate easier and more efficient online communication. 

It’s a simple concept, but bringing all of your communication platforms together in one place and providing you with the perfect tools to search for and navigate between all of them is ideal for both business environments and equally in managing your personal communication. 

Outside of the office we always seem to feel like we don’t have enough time to do everything or keep in touch with everyone we need to. With an email management system, you can make it happen.

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