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Customized Email

Why is your email important?

Your business email functions as the primary point of correspondence with prospective client, clients and vendors. 

In many cases, it will be the first impression you get to make as a business owner and it will be seen again and again throughout your relationship with clients and vendors alike. 

When we put it like that, it kind of changes the way you think of your email address, right?

It’s not just a point of contact, but it is also a valuable marketing tool because it keeps all of your prospects and customers aware of your brand name.

So, what is the best way to ensure that you are making the best possible impression when you are handing your email address over to prospective clients or potential investors? 

The answer is simple, you need to create a customized email address. 

What is a customized email?

You will probably hear it referred to as either customized or personalized emails, or even masquerading under the term “branded” or “business email,” but they all refer to an email address you own because you own the domain name.

For the purposes of this article, we are going to continue referring to them as customized emails. 

What it means is that instead of an email ending in a domain name of @gmail.com, @yahoo.com, or @aol.com (or any other provider for that matter), the email address will be essentially whatever you want it to be. Although considering we are looking at this from a business context, it makes the most sense for it to look something like this:


You will have no doubt seen this numerous times before. And if you were wondering how to create an email in this way, then you have come to the right place! 

How to create a customized email address

The process is very simple but it will require dipping into your pocket. 

You first need to get a domain name and an email host. Then you connect your custom email address to the email manager that you prefer. By connecting your custom email to a Webmail service, such as Gmail, Outlook, Mailbird, etc, you are able to access your mailbox from any web browser you like. Now let’s break all of that down into smaller bites.

If you don’t already have a domain name, getting one is pretty simple. It will need to be something unique and you can easily search for a domain name to see if your preferred one is available.

Why KloudEmail and domain name equals custom email image of phone with graphic envelopes flying

Purchasing the domain name is simple, but there are two things you will need to consider.  Which email hosting service do you plan on using, and whether you plan on building a website down the line using the same domain name.

Because we can’t all have short snappy names that look good as an email address, there is another option! 

Domain name technologies allow you to register your domain with your full business name that will be connected for primary use with the website, plus you can register a shorter domain name exclusively for email addresses. This means that you can use both, the short domain name for email and the long domain name for website access. However, the short domain name will be pointed to the longer one used for your website. No matter which one is typed into a browser your website will be accessed.  

Once you have purchased email hosting you will be opening and connecting to your new email address on the host’s platform (servers). Email hosting services will have specific but easy-to-follow instructions on how to access your new email address and connecting it to your devices.

Email address from popular email managers like Gmail or Apple Mail means that your email address itself is free, but you will be sacrificing your data as a consequence, so this is not advisable if you will be making correspondence with financial and other sensitive information. 

There’s a lot more to say about security, but a few things to cover first, so read on to find out more about the best solution for a secure email system.

A brief introduction to email hosting

We can’t explain the customized email process fully without first understanding what email hosting means and how important it is to the process. 

Email hosting is very different from the email managing platforms like Gmail or Yahoo. It is an often premium Email hosting services that rent out and operate a number of remote email servers. 

The service is most commonly used by small and medium businesses that have high levels of email traffic. It means that the user domain is fully taken care of, as are all of the important security email authentications like filtering, replication, and rerouting.

Many email hosting service providers will include advanced email solutions that are hosted on dedicated email platforms. These days email hosting is usually accompanied by web hosting services and a domain name purchase. 

For example, when you order an email hosting package, some hosts will only give you unlimited emails on the same server that your website already uses. This is often done to sweeten a website hosting deal and you will usually end up with sub-par email service as a result. 

What you should really be looking for is a professionally run dedicated email service that operates on specific email servers. After all, your website and email are two completely different entities, and they serve very different purposes, so should be treated as such.

Make the right impression with clients

KloudEmail envelope

When working with vendors, or even your customers, you want to be able to portray a level of professionalism that will make the best possible first impression. 

In the same way, as it is crucial to have something as simple as a business card, a customized email address makes an even stronger impression that you are serious about your business. 

As mentioned before, in order to create a customized email address, you first need to have purchased a domain name. This action is what asserts to your vendors and potential clients that you are not just a fly-by-night business that could be packed up tomorrow. It is a statement of intent that you are serious about your business and are investing in its future. 

It also feeds into the importance of brand consistency in everything vendors and clients see about your business. They want to see that everything about you is directed towards promoting and growing your business because this will generate confidence and trust in you.

Additionally, it can provide benefits to your business process if you are working with a team. 

For example, if one member of your team leaves, you will want to retain their email inbox because it is related to company operations. If they are using a personal email, once they leave your door, so does access to the inbox and potentially vital client/vendor communication and information.

Improve your email security

This is arguably going to highlight the importance of a customized email address even more than wanting to look professional.

As you know, one of the biggest appeals of services like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and AOL Mail (just three examples) is that they are free! Well, they are free on the face of it, but nothing is ever truly free. 

You are in fact paying for use of the service, but it is with your data rather than money. This is sold on to advertisers and other organizations.

But you’re probably thinking “well what’s the problem? I already give away my data on websites and social media, why is email so important?”

The main issue here is that we are talking about your business. Aside from potentially working in industries where you need to keep your cards close to your chest for the sake of competition, at some point, you will also need to communicate confidential information. This could be financial information between you and your accountant or bank or even information regarding business deals.

This is the information that hackers and scammers are really after and is an example of why it’s so important to protect your email from cyber attacks.

When you set up a customized email, privacy is the most important factor for any private email provider. Because you are paying for the service, no marketing data will be collected and the only scanning that will happen on your account is scanning for spam emails and those with viruses, never the content of your emails.  

KartHost KloudEmail Security

Even if you decide not to create a customized email address for your business, we would highly recommend you do create one that would never be published anywhere or used on social media and you reserve for purely financial account access and purposes for critical business or even another for personal emails. These emails should NEVER be shared with anyone other than those you completely trust.

Why business and personal email don’t mix

Employers who are using customized email addresses need to explain to their employees that emails sent from the company email address should only be regarding business. The reason for this is that any emails sent from this mailbox are property of the company and they reserve the right to view them at any time. 

Employees should also be aware that if they set up any online account using their business email address—that they do not own—when they leave the company either by choice or not, they will lose access to those associated accounts because they lost their email access.

Show your clients you’re in for the long haul

The biggest advantage that can be had from creating a customized (or at least a personalized) email is not just the benefits in security or data privacy, but it sets a tone with your potential clients that you are serious about your business. 

In most referral or lead generation situations, the first point of contact any potential client will receive for your business is your email address. So the last thing you want is for them to see something you may have had since you were in college. 

It demonstrates immediately that you believe in your company and you will be around for a while that in turn instills trust and confidence.

Are you ready to prove to your future vendors and customers that you are serious about your business? Why not take a look at our different options for email hosting services to find the solution that best suits your email needs. 

And, if you have been using another mailbox—not at KartHost—for your business emails and don’t want to lose anything, fear not! Email migration is a part of KartHost’s KloudEmail services. The process will create a copy of your email from your old mailbox and paste it into your new custom mailbox – for free with normal migrations and offered with all our KloudEmail packages.

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