Dropbox plus Professional Webmail equals Easy File Transfer

If using email one of the challenges is to get a large file from you to your client, vendor and coworker or just about anyone. Even with KloudEmail’s very generous 50 MB email attachment limit, 50 MB isn’t large enough sometimes for those larger files that need to be sent.

Dropbox which has over 300+ million users is the natural solution. When using Professional Webmail as your email manager and with your existing Dropbox account you can now send very large files when composing an email in Webmail.

The process is really simple, saves many steps for you and you get your large files to your recipient as quickly as possible saving you time and hassle.

Take the time to watch the Wyatt Matters Koaching Korner video on how easy it is, and no longer need to worry how you will get your large files delivered. And check out this step by step on Using Dropbox to send Large Files in Professional Webmail in the KartHost Knowledgebase.

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