WordPress Video and Audio Content Just Got an Upgrade

WordPress Video and Audio Content Just Got an Upgrade

WordPress Video & Audio Content Just Got an Upgrade

Level Up Your WordPress Content

Video content has long been used as an incredible addition to any form of your marketing. 


Because they are far more engaging and offer content that is often easier to digest, especially to a wider audience. 

WordPress Video and Audio Content Just Got an Upgrade 5

But video content isn’t the definitive solution to your content marketing. Blogs still play a huge role in adding real value to a customer experience, often through educational content, and there is also the option of creating a podcast which is becoming more and more popular.

So when it comes to audio and video content, you’ll be looking for a single platform that is easy-to-use, affordable, and can offer you great options for customization and increased engagement.

Hey podcasters, Presto Player now supports audio!

Originally launching at the start of 2021, Presto Player began as a new solution for adding video services to your WordPress site with enhanced marketing capabilities, such as:

  • Muted autoplay means videos start automatically when you scroll past them, but without audio, capturing your attention without being a distracting or annoying experience.
  • Calls to action could appear over the entire video at key points so your audience can link through to promotions or additional content on your website.
  • Lead capture solutions that require users to submit their email addresses to view video content.
WordPress Video and Audio Content Just Got an Upgrade
Sticky Player as you scroll on the web page

Now, with the release of Presto Player V1.8 in January 2022, the powerful plugin has expanded to offer audio content too!

WordPress Video and Audio Content Just Got an Upgrade
Audio Auto Play Option

This opens up the platform to a whole new market, especially people with podcasts or content creators and businesses who are looking to add audio versions to their written blogs. And, as the only plugin to offer both video and audio services for WordPress, Presto Player is set to be hugely successful.
In the video below we are using Presto Player to feed their YouTube video to announce the Presto Player 1.8 update.

What else makes Presto Player special?

Aside from being the only WordPress plugin to offer both video and audio content (at the time of publishing), let’s take a quick look at some of the founding features that made the original Presto Player so popular.

Originally conceived by Adam Preiser, aka WPCrafter on YouTube, the plugin was designed to be the ultimate solution for uploading video content to WordPress websites, incorporating the crucial marketing features that we talked about earlier. 

But how else did it compare with the well-established competition?

Cost-effective solution

Video service plugins with similar capabilities to Presto Player have always been surprisingly expensive with monthly fees ranging from $29 to $199. This would have definitely put a lot of people off adding video content to their websites in the past!

However, Presta Player has launched with the free version of the plugin allowing you to offer video services at no cost. The paid versions then add additional functionality to how the videos are displayed, and your options for interacting with them. 

The paid packages start at $69 annually for the single website plan, increase slightly to $99 for up to 25 websites, and a very affordable lifetime subscription for up to 25 sites. This represents huge value compared to the competition right now and considering the advantages, it has great ROI potential.

And available in the KartHost EZWP Complete package!

Why open platforms are better

When it comes to building software, there are two types of platforms to choose from. Open or Closed. 

But what is the difference and how does it affect you and your content?

An open platform is built with what’s called an open and documented API which is essentially the access to code for simple functions on a piece of software—such as a scroll bar—that allows you to personalize a system. This builds a system that is more flexible and offers better options for creativity and integration without the need for developers. 

A closed platform can only be altered with the help of a developer and the options for custom functions will tend to be very limited. This means that future developments and improvements are not so easily implemented. 

To put it simply, because Presto Player is built on an open platform, future updates, security enhancements, and new integrations are going to be a lot more frequent and more responsive to the demands of its users. 

This means that you will have a platform that is constantly adapting to your needs so that you and your audience can have the best experience. 

Control your content

Another real advantage of Presto Player is that your content doesn’t have to be hosted on a third-party website for viewing or playback. You can use secure video and audio hosting services to keep your content from being downloaded. This is important if you have a paid Course on your site. That means that users cannot click through and view your content on a third-party site—like YouTube or Spotify—that has their own data privacy requirements. Instead, the content is only visible on your website!

It keeps you in the driver’s seat, constantly in control of your audience experience by keeping them within your space and offering the kind of content that adds real value.

Because audio files have a much smaller file size, you can easily host all of your audio content—perhaps your entire podcast—on your website without worrying about its performance being affected (but check with your WebHost first). 

Video content however should never be hosted on your website because the large file size seriously damages site performance and not to mention it takes up a lot of storage space, so it would need to be hosted externally on a site like Bunny.net or similar services.

Bunny.net does not have an affiliate program but they do offer “refer a friend”. When you sign up with them please let them know KartHost referred you.

Upgrade your WordPress website

We have been long-time supporters of Adam’s content online and his approach to sharing online marketing solutions that anybody can understand. 

When we first discovered that he had launched this new plugin, we were instantly intrigued and set about testing it ourselves to see if it lived up to the claims.

Adam of WPCrafter.com

We have been long-time supporters of Adam’s content online and his approach to sharing online marketing solutions that anybody can understand. 

When we first discovered that he had launched this new plugin, we were instantly intrigued and set about testing it ourselves to see if it lived up to the claims.

And thankfully, it did!

That is why we are very excited to add it to the offerings available in our custom installed WordPress sites using our EZWP Complete and EZWP Membership (launching 2022). 

Of course, we know that not everyone is ready to take the next step and invest in a full package, which is why we wrote this review and why we would encourage you to test out the free version of the plugin yourselves. Or if you want all that Pretty links can do, visit the Presto Player Pro site to get everything.

Because we believe that sharing information benefits everyone, and everyone deserves the opportunity to build their business’ online presence regardless of whether they are WordPress pros or are completely new to the platform.

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