WordPress 6.3 set for August 8, 2023

WordPress 6.3 has been released! And it brings some exciting new features and improvements to the WordPress platform. In this post, we will give you a sneak peek of what to expect from this major update and how it will change how you build and manage websites with WordPress. 

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What’s New in WordPress 6.3?

WordPress 6.3 is the second major release of 2023, and it is expected to be released on August 8th, 2023. This update will focus on enhancing the site editor, which was introduced in WordPress 6.2 as a beta feature.

The site editor is a new interface that allows you to create and edit your entire website using blocks. Blocks are the building blocks of WordPress, and they let you add different types of content and functionality to your pages and posts.

With the site editor, you can use blocks not only for your content but also for your header, footer, sidebar, navigation, and other parts of your website. You can also create and manage templates and template parts, which are reusable layouts that you can apply to different pages or sections of your website.

The site editor is designed to work with block themes, which are themes that are built entirely with blocks. Block themes give you more flexibility and control over your website design, as you can customize every aspect of your website using the site editor.

WordPress 6.3 will bring several new features and improvements to the site editor, such as:


    • A revamped navigation sidebar that lets you access templates, template parts, pages, patterns, styles, and navigation menus from one place.

    • A new way to manage patterns, which are pre-designed blocks or groups of blocks that you can insert into your pages or posts. You can also create your own patterns and sync them across your website.

    • A new command palette that lets you quickly search for and perform actions in the site editor using keyboard shortcuts.

    • A new style revisions feature that lets you easily undo changes to your styles using a history panel.

    • A new preview mode that lets you see how your block theme looks on different devices and screen sizes.

    • A new distraction-free mode that lets you hide the site editor toolbar and sidebar for a more focused editing experience.

    • A new footnote and details block that lets you add footnotes and collapsible details to your content.

    • Improved padding and margin controls for blocks that let you adjust the spacing between and around blocks.

    • Improved handling of image aspect ratio that preserves the original dimensions of your images when resizing them.

    • Improved link control that lets you create a new page directly from the link tool or edit an existing link with advanced options.

    • Improved accessibility features that make the site editor more accessible for users with disabilities.

These are just some of the highlights of WordPress 6.3. There are also many other under-the-hood changes that will improve the performance, security, and compatibility of WordPress.

How to Prepare for WordPress 6.3?

WordPress 6.3 is still in development, and it is not recommended to use it on a live website until it is officially released. However, if you want to test it out and see what’s coming, you can do so by using the WordPress Beta Tester plugin or by downloading the latest development version from WordPress.org.

Before you install WordPress 6.3 on your website, make sure to back up your website files and database. This way, you can restore your website if something goes wrong or if you want to revert back to the previous version.

You should also check if your plugins and themes are compatible with WordPress 6.3. Some plugins and themes may not work well with the new features or may cause conflicts or errors. You can contact the plugin or theme developers or check their support forums for any updates or issues related to WordPress 6.3.

If you want to learn more about WordPress 6.3 and how it will change the way you build websites with WordPress, we recommend watching this YouTube video from WPCrafter.com titled [Building Websites Is About to Change in a Big Way – WordPress 6.3 Is Coming!]. It gives a detailed overview of the new features and improvements in WordPress 6.3 and shows how they work in action.

We hope this post has given you a glimpse of what’s coming in WordPress 6.3 and how it will benefit you as a WordPress user. We are excited about this update and can’t wait to see what amazing websites you will create with it.

Let us know what you think about WordPress 6.3 in the comments below. And don’t forget to subscribe to our blog for more WordPress news, tips, and tutorials.

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