WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg Editor

WordPress 5.0 was released today after over a year of development, it is a MAJOR release that includes a Drastic change in its Page and Post Editor, Gutenberg.

First let me say, the overall changes are for the better. The ones that might have issues with these changes are those that have OLD Templates or Custom Templates that were created (custom coded) for them and it has been over a year since you had them custom created.

If your website is using any of the modern themes you shouldn’t have any issues. When we perform a WordPress install we have either installed the Beaver Builder Theme or the Astra Theme (all installs by us in past 8 months have been the Astra Theme). Both of those themes along with all their associated plugins fully support Gutenberg. And if you are using Beaver Builder or Elementor the two most popular WordPress page/website builders for WordPress you will be able to continue to use them as before. Gutenberg editor only effects using the traditional editor when creating a Page or Post

SUGGEST UPGRADE – In most cases your WordPress website will not automatically update to WordPress 5.0. But even if it does, remember we have FULL COPIES of your website backed up automatically for the past 14 days (a rolling 14 day period). If your site does upgrade to WordPress 5.0 and it does break things on your site, two things you can do,

1) Request a roll back to a copy of your website that was backed up between 6 am – 11 am on December 6, 2018. You will have until Dec 19 to request this roll back 

2) SIMPLY Add the “Classic Editor” plugin to your WordPress site and you can use it instead of Gutenberg until late 2021.

Staging Plugin to Test Your Site – If you would like to test your site on WordPress 5 and Gutenberg, you can make a cloned copy of your website and manually upgrade the cloned copy to see how your WordPress website  will work with Gutenberg, here is a plugin you can try: WP Staging – DB& File Duplicator & Migration and can be found in the WordPress plugin Library at WordPress.org Here is the direct link to that plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-staging/
Once you test your site with this plugin, you will want to delete the staging site for security reasons (just open a Support Ticket and we will be happy to delete it for you).

Resources for you – I have provided two Resources for you a Video Created by Adam at WPCrafter created back in August 2018 and a PDF regarding what Gutenberg is and how to use it. Download below. I think you will find both very useful. The PDF is showing the components of Gutenberg Editor. It will be invaluable tool as you work with Gutenberg for the first time.

WordPress & Gutenberg PDF ebook from our friends from The Events Calendar WordPress Plugin 

One last item, our friends over at Brainstorm Force have created a great addon plugin to enhance the capabilities of the Gutenberg editor. Its called Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg encourage you to install.

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