What Is A Web Host, And Why Do I Need One?

Web host. Hosting Account. What are these internet jargon words? Do I really need a web host in order to create a website?

Don’t worry, you’re not the first (and certainly won’t be the last) to question exactly what web hosting is.

There are 3 main things you need to create a website.

  1. A domain name
  2. A web host
  3. Software to build your website

That’s it. Now, let’s look at those items as if they were your home.

1. Domain Name

Think of a domain name like your street address. In order for someone to find where you live, you have to give them your specific street address. That is exactly what a domain name handles. It tells people who are looking for your website on the internet which server they can find your website at. The domain name also tells people looking for your email box where that is so your email can be delivered into your inbox.

2. Web Hosting

Now that we can find you, we are going to look at your land, which represents your hosting service. You need a place to store all the text and pictures you are using to build your website. Your web host is providing that space on their servers just for you to rent monthly, quarterly or annually.

3. Website Builder (Software)

You have your domain name (address) and host (land), are you ready to start building yet? Almost, but first you will need to decide on what the structure of your house is going to be built with, or the software you are going to use to put all the text and pictures in. We recommend WordPress for many reasons but one is it puts YOU in control of your website and you don’t need a PHD to use it.

With WordPress as your structure you are now able to choose what the floor plan is going to look like. How many walls will be in each room is the same as asking WordPress how many columns you will have on each page. Are you going to use a theme throughout your house? Guess what? The term theme in WordPress refers to a pre-designed layout you choose for your website. It makes creating a site easier and with KartHost’s EZWP Builder and the drag n drop feature, you will have less of a learning curve.

*More Domain Name Info:

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**More Web Hosting Info:

***More EZWP Builder (WordPress Included) Info:

  • KartHost’s™ EZWP Builder is your answer to getting everything your site needs in one simple place. For more information and a quick demo Click Here
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