FluentForms Pro with the Signature add-on

What can a FluentForm be used for?

And why should I use FluentForm?

Bridge the communication gap with your customers

Adding forms to your WordPress website plays a crucial role in lead generation and in providing a communication bridge between you and your customers. 

Visitors to your site can require help with a wide variety of problems, such as general queries, catalog requests, and scheduling discovery calls. 

Probably the most commonly used is a classic contact form! This will keep the fields to a minimum, usually just asking for your name, email address, and your query. 

So what makes this different from a normal email or call? Well, it is all done from within your brand environment! It is like a welcome mat into the inbox of your future customer (with due care taken for regulations, of course).

The form that they fill out, in its varying shapes and sizes, always needs to be funneled directly into your database so you can ensure that you never miss a single response. 

So, what’s the best way to make your site more interactive for your visitors and to learn more about them?

A form plugin is the answer, but which one is our favorite? I am so glad you asked.

Welcome to FluentForm Pro

FluentForm clear background

FluentForm Pro is a powerful but lightweight plugin upgrade to the free version of FluentForm, it offers an array of customizable options for creating forms on your website, and a whole lot more! You may also see it listed at WP Fluent Forms created by the geniuses at WP Manage Ninja.*

It is equipped with a host of specific features that let you create forms for any query imaginable with templates to aid you in getting started. The whole process has been made incredibly easy so you do not need to have any previous experience creating forms or any development knowledge to create fully functioning and attractive forms for your clients. 

Examples of Fluent Forms linked to affiliate link

The first thing we are going to talk about is how you can navigate the menu, tool, and customization options that make up this powerful plugin. 

How easy is it to use?

To ensure you get the most out of any piece of software, you want to make sure that key features and more intricate ones are visible and easy to navigate. This is what makes up the interface for the plugin. When it is easier to understand and intuitive, the learning curve is greatly reduced which is especially important for you and your team when using any new system. 

A big plus with their easy-to-navigate builder is that the end result is also far less complicated for your visitors and customers who will be completing the forms. In the past, plugins would just make it easier to build a form, but the form would still be complex. It seems that FluentFormPro has decided enough is enough and made the whole process easier for everyone! They have also included in Pro (so far) 65+ Pre-built Form Templates and 40+ Ready Input Fields (for those of us that prefer not to start from scratch.)

The FluentFormPro plugin interface is built into the WordPress dashboard which will make it feel very familiar. The main ‘admin’ features are kept within the left-hand WP menu and more detailed features regarding design and styles are in the main window. 

The admin items include an overview of all of your forms, entry statistics that are displayed automatically on a graph, and the ability to easily drill into the details of each form for further data analysis or editing. 

The two more fun functions—aka the design elements—are easy to jump between because they are contained within tabs to the right of the visual window. This is a huge advantage because it means you can see all of the changes you are making to the forms in real-time.

The editing side of the interface has been built in the now very popular “block-style” that allows you to move elements around freely and they snap into place. You should already be familiar with this style of editing from using Elementor or Beaver Builder, so it will take no time at all to get familiar with FluentFormPro.

By separating all of the elements of your form—which are stacked on top of each other— the customization tools are very clear and easy to access by hovering over the box. 

For example, to edit the submit button at the end of each page, when you hover over the block, a pencil icon will appear that opens the customization tab specifically for the button. 

Focusing on the benefits

Instead of just listing features, we prefer to take a look at how some of the features will really benefit your business and your abilities to interact, communicate with, and learn more about your customers. 

Make long forms more digestible

One of the real challenges in creating forms, particularly more in-depth ones, is that they can be quite intimidating in their length and design. This makes a lot of customers less likely to start, let alone finish one. 

The recent addition of the conversational forms template can really help out here!

That’s because it breaks the survey down into individual questions, so you can customize the headings and really guide your customers along the way. This can also be a great way of generating customer feedback which can lead to testimonial references and recurring revenue opportunities.

Effortless form integration

Forms are a superb addition to your website but sometimes they can appear clunky and not very well integrated into a site. The block-based form builder in FluentForms allows you to insert a form anywhere you like on your website. 

If you’re already used to using any of the popular block-based builders on WordPress, such as Divi or Beaver Builder, you will find this completely familiar. 

Trusted payment gateways and upsell options

As a trusted business owner, you want to encourage your customers that any payments for services or products they make on your site will be secure. With FluentForms you can accept payments with both Stripe and Paypal, and if needed tailor the payment gateways and provide various options for things like donations. You can even add an ‘Order Bump’ which is a simple add-on to a product or service at the checkout with a single click that will recalculate the basket. 

No need to worry about your website’s performance

It’s normal to be skeptical about adding any new plugins to your website because they can reduce your performance and speed. We have had great results in using the plugin and FluentFormsPro is so confident about their performance that they include an independently conducted performance check on their website! (scroll down to See how fast Fluent Forms is)*

Build complex forms, easily!

Using conditional logic, you can build more complex forms with triggers for additional options based on input from your customers. Adding to this advanced calculation and you can create forms for virtually any business requirement. 

A great example of conditional logic is if you are wanting to know how your customer found you. For example, you could ask the question and have options to select either a friend, a search engine, or by finding your ad online. If the answer is a friend, a conditional box could open allowing you to enter the name or email address of your friend. A search engine? Options could appear so you know which search engine exactly. And in finding your ad, you can enquire on which social platform they saw your ad. 

The benefits from just this example can include an opportunity to start the customer on a referral marketing funnel, or just in tracking the success of your business marketing campaigns on different social channels. What if you built a form that asks all your customer qualifying questions? How much time will that save you and your sales staff. Or what questions in any of your departments seem to be the same ones over and over that could be turned into a form? Start thinking.

You can never underestimate the power of data!

Our personal favorites

Some of our favorite features of FluentForms are a little more specific. These, we feel, offer great variety and benefit for the users.

For developers, web designers, and those with two or more WordPress sites, you have the ability to export your forms onto other websites without needing to recreate the form again. This is ideal because it means that designers can keep from recreating from scratch the most popular forms and use their library of forms already created for any of their clients.

Hopefully, you’re going to be seeing a big increase in engagement and a boost to your mailing list with the plugin, and that means a lot of new data! Fortunately, all of the form input data/entries are stored directly on your WordPress website so you don’t have to pay anything extra to view the entries. 

Another great addition is the ability to integrate FluentCRM (a self hosted Email Marketing Automation Plugin-watch for more information coming soon) which gives you further opportunities to add tags and create various automations which can feed into your marketing funnel. This means that depending on your customer’s place in their journey, and your marketing funnel, they will receive different types of content. 

But Wait There’s More integrations. How about this impressive list:

ActiveCampaign; Akismet; Automizy; Campaign Monitor; Constant Contact; ConvertKit; Discord; Drip; FluentCRM; GetResponse; Gist; Google Sheets; HubSpot; ¡Contact; MailChimp; MailerLite; Mautic; Moosend; Platformly; Salesflare; Sendinblue; Sendfox; Slack; Telegram Messenger; Trello; Twilio Integration/ SMS Notifications; Webhook; Zapier; Google Maps; reCAPTCHA V2 Service; reCAPTCHA V3 Service; hCaptcha; Zoho CRM; ClickSend SMS; CleverReach; AffiliateWP; Salesforce

Possibly the best part is that it is effectively a white label plugin. This means you can easily remove the FluentForms branding from your forms with a single click. 

There’s no need to be concerned about getting spammed using FluentForm on any of KartHost WordPress packages. Why because Human Presence (Bot & Spam protection) is provided as part of our KartHost WordPress packages including the EZWP Complete and Coming Soon EZWP Membership.

Upgrade with the Signature Add-on

FluentForms Pro with the Signature add-on

We have found Signature as an add-on for FluentFormPro to be a great addition to the functionality and increases the versatility of forms you can create to any that requires a signature! 

It is really easy to use, especially with touchscreen devices like tablets, smartphones, and even smart computers. This can further expand your service offering by adding that extra level of authentications to your forms.

We currently provide FluentFormsPro and the additional Signature add-on within our EZWP Complete plan.

*AFFILIATE COMPENSATION DISCLOSURE links on this page may contain an affiliate link

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