Using Targeted Newsletters for Marketing

Targeted email newsletters can be very economical, and can be a great way to build more of a connection with your customers. The key question to ask first is, “How do I start?” Most of us don’t realize how much data we have in our businesses that we are either not using, or are ignoring. You already know what products your customers are buying, as well as which items they are looking at. Why not use that information to build an effective marketing campaign?

When you consider it, the concept is simple enough. Let’s say your site offers motorcycle accessories and auto parts. You could write too monthly newsletters, targeted to each audience. For the motorcycle accessory buyers, highlight your motorcycle products, and maybe put in a story about a motorcycle trip or adventure. Do the same for the car part buyers. This ensures that your newsletters are not wasted. By targeting them to that type of customer, you are giving them something they are already interested in, so they are less apt to hit the delete button before reading it. Think about your own email Inbox, and how many things you delete without ever reading them.

However, you can also use the targeted newsletter to introduce your other products to your customers in order to broaden your market. But, make this part a soft sale. Introduce them to the products, and then move on. If it is too heavy on things they aren’t openly interested in, then you will also risk the wrath of the delete button.

Tips to Make Your Newsletters More Effective


  1. Focus the newsletter on the customers’ needs and interests: This will serve to keep your customers thinking about your products and services, and will keep them warm. You don’t want your hard earned customers to wander off to another vendor simply because they forgot about you. How many times have you put a website into your “Favorites” only to never visit there again?
  2. Give each newsletter an overall theme: Don’t simply make it an email catalog, or it will also meet the delete button fate. Maybe focus on success stories, or tips, or possibly unique ways to use your product.
  3. Offer something unique and/or valuable: Perhaps you could give them a “how to” related to your product or something related to your product, or maybe you can share an out of print report (or a preview of a report/article you sell). This emphasizes the value of taking the time to read your newsletter.
  4. Try to invite two way conversation: Use verbiage that invites the readers to contact you, and encourage them to give you feedback on content and your products. This will make them feel as though they are a part of your team, and not simply a “wallet waiting to be plucked.”
  5. Encourage reprints: Encourage your audience to reprint and share your newsletters with others (provided they give the proper credit). This ripple effect can push more potential customers to your website, leading to additional sales and better search rankings.

Here at, we aren’t successful unless you are. Proper use of newsletters can drive additional sales and can help you to reach new audiences. Always remember that we are here to serve you, and we can always be reached for questions or comments.

Roy Randolph
Head Hostmaster

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