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One of the biggest roadblocks you might encounter as a budding vlogger or podcaster is that when it comes to uploading and sharing your content, the main option has always been to use a hosting platform such as YouTube, Vimeo, or Spotify. 

While there are advantages to be had with posting your content on these platforms, one of the biggest challenges you will face is the difficulty in being able to monetize your content and the sheer volume of noise from other users. This makes it more difficult to have your content seen and heard.

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But what if you could use your own WordPress website as a home for all of your content, be it audio, video, or both?

And the best part, what if it could be free?

We’ll get on to the free part later, but for now, let’s take a look at how Presto Player is completely shaking up the content plugin world.

Owning your media content

You will often hear people use the term “host” when they are talking about adding video or audio content to their website. 

This isn’t quite accurate. In fact, the last thing you want to do is upload video content, especially to your WordPress site because unless your website is running a powerful dedicated server, the large file sizes of your content will seriously reduce the performance of your site.

What hosting actually means is that your content lives on an external secure server, with multiple worldwide locations, that is owned by a third-party service provider. This is how platforms like YouTube work.

So what if you want your audience to view your video and audio content on your own WordPress website rather than on another platform? And what if you want to be able to control exactly how you can earn revenue from your content?

Presto Player is the only plugin to provide both video and audio content on your site as the ultimate WordPress media player. 

You’re probably thinking, but why is this important?

Well, Presto Player does more than just allow you to play video and audio content on your site. It also incorporates a number of specific features that provide additional marketing opportunities for your content.

When you add this to the fact that your audience is coming directly to your website rather than YouTube or Spotify, you can have greater control over how you can generate revenue from your content.

The benefits of playing video and audio content from your WordPress site

There are a number of features that Presto Player has included in the plugin to elevate your content to become the perfect content marketing material for your brand. 

By combining some of the popular features on YouTube, such as the ability to speed up content and skip through chapters, with more marketing dedicated features, you will be able to do more with your video and audio content than ever before.

Capture Leads

We all know that building email lists of quality contacts is one of the cornerstones of successful digital marketing.

You can add a lead capture form to your video and audio content making it either optional or obligatory for your audience to submit their email address to access your content.

These are known as email gates. 

A simple approach here could be to provide an initial piece of teaser content to demonstrate your product or service and request an email submission to view the next parts in a series. This way you are providing valuable content and generating leads at the same time!

Muted Autoplay

While you will want your videos to start playing the second a customer comes to your website, most of your customers probably don’t want to be startled by content playing without them instructing it to. This is where muted autoplay comes in. 

You can capture their attention immediately (without startling them) and entice engagement in your video content. You can also select for the video to start muted but with captions. 

This can serve the additional purpose of increasing the play count on your video content. Plus, a 2014 study by Adobe saw a direct correlation between Facebook introducing muted autoplay video and engagement numbers increasing 134%. Engagement also saw an increase of 58%.

Call To Action

Calls to action provide fantastic opportunities to tie in promotions and provide more information or context to parts of your video and audio content. It can further enhance the user experience and offer significant value, as well as potentially generate more sales. 

Specifically for audio files, using a call to action can provide links that offer visual cues. 

Private Audio and Video

The ability to make your content private—requiring a login—has great potential not just for learning-based content but also in lead generation and monetizing your content generally. While hosting your video and other content may require advertising revenue to generate income, you can suggest that your users subscribe with a minimal periodic fee that can provide you, as the content creator, a source of stable and reliable revenue. 

Sticky Player

Creating engaging content is one thing, but keeping your viewer’s attention is another thing entirely. This can be especially true when streaming content directly from your website where you may also have supporting material. 

The sticky player means that your video will continue to play even once a viewer scrolls past it, by positioning the player in a corner of the web browser window. This way, everyone is a winner!

Google Analytics

Needless to say, understanding the analytical data for your video and audio content is crucial in understanding engagement and helping you to plan future content based on what you know is working. By integrating with Google Analytics, you can capture deep insights on your viewers and view everything clearly from your Google Analytics dashboard. 

SEO Integrations

We all know that SEO is crucial in improving your website’s SERP (Search Engine Results Page) ranking. However, video and audio content are notoriously difficult to analyze and therefore you could be missing out on huge opportunities when your content is offering true value to your audience. 

You can help Google to understand your video and audio content better by using a rich schema—aka search engine talk—and a video sitemap when you integrate Presto Player with Rank Math. 

Increase your vlog and podcast’s potential for success!

Ensuring that your audio and video content stands out is one thing. Giving your audience extra opportunities to engage with your audio and video content in a variety of ways is something completely different, and that is exactly how Presto Player is changing the face of multimedia content. 

By integrating these marketing-specific tools into the player, and making the process of adding content to your website easier, the potential for generating revenue through your vlog or podcast can greatly increase.

Why not get back what you put into your video and audio content by maximizing your chances of success and downloading the Presto Player plugin. It is available for free if you are looking to first test out the functionality, and also as a pro version for enhanced capabilities. 

Our EZWP packages offer upgrades to a Presto Player Pro, when you are looking for the complete package to build your vlog or podcast brand website ready for success. We want to help you get your content on-line faster and easier, so why not schedule a call with us today.

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