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Why your site isn’t generating traffic

Setting up your online presence is a major milestone for any business and that sense of accomplishment and satisfaction is hard to match when you finally hit the button and go live. 

The only thing is that building your online presence unfortunately doesn’t stop there. The next stage in the process is arguably more important than getting yourself set up, and that is ensuring that your customer can find you. 

This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes into play.

Even the simplest website can prove to be a huge benefit to any business when its content is set up with SEO best practices in place. With the integration of SEO tools to monitor and improve your position in search engine result pages (SERPs).

The best part is that there are plugins available to help you do just this. They will integrate seamlessly with your WordPress dashboard so that you can have full control over their settings, and access to all of the valuable data that they can provide. 

The SEOPress plugin

As part of our EZWP Complete and EZWP Membership packages, you will have a choice of the SEO plugin for your website. In this post, we are going to be talking specifically about SEOPress but you can also learn more about the alternative option—Rank Math—(see post coming Friday April 1st).

SEOPress, as with most premium plugins, comes in a light and paid version. The light version includes basic functionality and the paid version is an add-on that offers advanced features for really taking your SEO to the next level. 

One of the reasons why we are such big fans of SEOPress is because of how powerful the base plugin is and the additional features you get with the full paid package make it possibly the best on the market. You can compare all of the features side-by-side on the SEOPress site but we are going to focus on a few of the biggest ones here.

What are the real benefits?

While the benefits of using any SEO plugin are quite clear, there are a number of specific why we love SEOPress and how easy it makes the process of optimizing your website and content. From the setup through to tagging images and video, the process is simple.

SEOPress Pro on tablet
  1. Get started quickly

SEO is an undeniably beneficial tool for your business, but the real trick to it is actually knowing how it works and how to set it up. For this reason, having a system that allows you to get started easily and quickly is going to reduce that barrier to entry so you can get started.

The SEOPress plugin incorporates a setup wizard that will allow you to quickly and easily configure the basic SEO settings for your website. By guiding you through the process, you can rest assured that you won’t be missing out on any of the fundamental features that will start generating data and making your site easier to find. 

  1. Step out of the shadows

How you are titling your content and key parts of your website will affect how easily Google bots can read your website and assess its ranking position. Meta descriptions are an often overlooked part of your content but they are vital in both providing people searching for your services a snippet of what your content is, and they can also be a great opportunity to target keywords. 

If you’re thinking what even is a meta description, it is the description that you will see below any result on Google. This is often a slightly altered version of the introduction to a piece of content which will include additional uses of the target keywords. 

SEOPress features a Google Snippet preview that will show you exactly how your website and site content is appearing in Google search results on desktop and mobile devices. 

  1. Put your images and videos to work

Did you know that your images and videos can be optimized for SEO?

Every image and video that you add to your site will include a space to add in a title, alt text, caption, and a description based on the file name. The most important one here is the alt text where you can effectively “tag” your content with keywords that will allow them to show up in image and video searches on Google. 

This process of tagging also helps search engines to crawl and index your media content faster. With SEOPress you can automatically or manually add images and video to something called your sitemap. This is essentially a list of indexable pages on your website.

  1. Share your content better

Sharing your content across your social networks is a great way of increasing engagement and conversions, but there are a number of factors that can affect how well your content appears on each channel. These factors can include the file size, image dimensions, and format. 

Avoiding these mistakes can will help improve the SEO credentials of your content and make your business appear more professional to your audience. 

SEOPress includes features that will alert you any time your content is not in line with these technical specifications and it will allow you to preview all of your content before sharing it.

  1. Boost sales

If you are using a WooCommerce site, indexing your products on your sitemap is critical to ensuring Google can keep up to date with changes in your product line-up. 

A product schema is an SEO tool that allows you to include more of the vital information about your products that your potential customers need to know. It also allows search engines to publish more of this information which in turn will positively influence your website positioning in search engines because they reward a wealth of information. 

With the SEOPress plugin, you can add a product schema to all of your product listings automatically.

  1. Data is everything

Understanding how your audience is interacting with your products and your website as a whole is a great way of identifying trends and places to improve your site experience. Any step you can take to improve the customer experience and processes for making a purchase will lead to an increase in revenue. 

Details such as payment options and steps required to make a purchase can easily put off customers, so understanding the data is essential. 

Using the SEOPress plugin, you can track your sales, additions, and removals of shopping cart items in Google Analytics. 

  1. Own your data

You may have heard a lot about data protection recently, and rightly so. In the US and across Europe, new legislation has been put in place to ensure that your data is protected and none of it is collected by third parties without your knowledge and consent. 

This way you won’t be getting hounded by unsolicited marketing attempts which, let’s be honest, are a complete pain!

One of the reasons why we have chosen to include SEOPress in our ** package is because of their respect for your privacy. You can use all of the features without connecting to their website which means that none of your data is shared or used for commercial purposes. 

SEOPress Pro Lady reaching for tablet

The benefit of insight

Insights are an extra add-on to SEOPress, and the benefits can be huge if you are serious about upping your SEO game. So, what are some of the features you can enjoy with this add-on?

Track your keyword positions in Google 

This is particularly important in ensuring that the content you are creating, and the keywords you are using, are still relevant.

Backlinks monitoring 

Backlinks are one of the essential components of a website and they are generated when one website links to another. The site that is linked to receives a backlink. These are particularly important in SEO terms because they validate your site and increase its reputation, kind of like a vote of confidence for the Google bots.

Export your backlinks and rankings to CSV/Excel

Exporting your backlinks and rankings is very important because you should be performing regular backlink audits to ensure that spammy sites are not linking through to your website. This is particularly important for your SEO ranking because as well as Google assessing how many backlinks your site has, it also analyses the quality of those backlinks. If they are from disreputable sources, they will reflect badly on your site. 

Google Trends 

This is a feature that allows you to find search trends relating to different keywords by region, country, and time. It is an especially useful tool for discovering event-triggered spikes in keyword search numbers that can be very beneficial when planning content.

Enjoy the rewards

When you sign up for either the EZWP Complete or (soon to be released) EZWP Membership package, you will receive a pro version of the SEOPress plugin as standard—or Rank Math if you prefer. 

With either of these powerful plugins installed from the get-go, your website will be put straight to work with a host of tools all aimed at improving traffic to your site. 
While the tools are designed to be incredibly user-friendly—just one of the reasons we chose them—our team is always available to help you get the most out of them. And if you’re looking for more information regarding SEO to brush up on your knowledge, why not check out our blog post on the Importance of SEO.

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