What is PCI Scanning? And do you need it?

What is PCI scanning? In its simplest form, you can think of it as security checks to your Web site in order to ensure that it is free from vulnerabilities and is safe for your customers to order from. In order to protect customers and their personal information after the infamous TX Maxx infiltration of their credit card information, the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SCC) was founded in September 2006.

Becoming PCI compliant gives you the right to display a special logo which tells your customer that they can trust your company, and that their information will remain secure. Additionally, Congress is getting closer to requiring that all companies who collect credit card information follow these guidelines. Some companies are required to do it now but eventually, expect it to be required of even the small mom and pop sites.

With PCI scanning, you allow an approved PCI security scanning vendor to scan all IP addresses that the public has access to on the Internet that are related to your Website or your transaction processes. During this scan, they are trying to determine if the site is secure and whether or not your site has been, or potentially could be, compromised by a hacker or virus. A PCI Scan is designed to ensure that your site is clean and virus free. Even if you are not required to do so, a proper scan to become certified can separate you from your competitors.

Once completed, you will be allowed to post a secure logo on your site that tells your customer that your site is safe. This will help you to sell more products, because you are establishing yourself and business’s credibility with your customer, showing your customers you care their security. This concept may sound boring, but it can help fill your ecommerce store with orders.

There are many 3rd parties that supply PCI Scanning, the one KARTHOST  recommends and partners with is Trust-Guard. Learn more about Trust-Guards PCI Scanning and their great rates for PCI Scanning. KARTHOST Customers SAVE 15% on ANY Trust-Guard Services, all you have to do is login to your Client Area and click on Partner Discounts for instant savings, you will see the Trust-Guard Discount code. Not  a KARTHOST Customer? No problem, sign up for an Free Account Today (no purchase required)!

Here at KARTHOST, we are not successful unless you are, and we will always strive to bring you the tools and resources to make your endeavor more profitable.

Roy Randolph

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