10 Free CAPTCHA services and scripts for websites

OK, you fully understand that your “list” is one of the most important things you can do for your web site. But you do NOT wish to get spammed. You know you need one of those “type in the letters and numbers above in the graphic” things, but how do you do that and whats it called? Well its called CAPTCHA. And read on I found a cool list of 10 to choose.

To keep the undesirables away it’s as simple as adding  a CAPTCHA script or getting one from a CAPTCHA service. So where do you look for CAPTCHA?

Recently I discovered a list of 10 CAPTCHA services and scripts with a accompaning full explanation you should check out. You can do that at this article 10 Free CAPTCHA scripts and services for web sites.

Once you have done this come back to your cPanel or InterWorx control panel web site hosted by KARTHOST.com and add CAPTCHA to your web site.

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