Is Social Media a Fad?

I would like to welcome Chad Pilbeam as our Guest Arthur… ~ KARTHOST Head Host Master

Is social media a fad?  Not for all and not forever, but for many right here and right now, it is in fact a fad.

There really are no rules for social media, and yet somehow businesses are breaking them.  Social media will not make you money.  Social media is not an advertising tool.  Social media is not a different or more simple version of your website.  Social media is a private residence, and if you are using it to sell, you’re nothing more than a door to door salesman who has just abused the privilege of being invited in.

Chad Pilbeam of




Most of us dislike direct mail (remember when junk mail was in its prime?).  Businesses didn’t even have to know our name; it just read “Dear Resident of…”.  If you had an address, you got junk mail.  Now consider social media – you have to be given permission to talk to these people.  Once they give you permission do you really think people want to be sold to?  Here is a message for the galactically stupid… stop!  You don’t make friends with someone and then invite them to an “Amway Ambush” do you?  Of course not.  So why would you abuse the privilege to talk to your fans by trying to up-sell, when the medium is clearly not for this purpose?  (The answer: because you’re doing what your boss wants you to do.)

Don’t worry though, social media won’t be a fad forever.  DotComs were a fad, but we still have DotCom companies.  Those that couldn’t generate any real revenue and wanted to pay you in stock, are gone.  Microbreweries were a fad, but we still have micro-brewed beer.  Those that thought venture capital and a creative label would overcompensate for swill I wouldn’t give a hobo, are gone.  And soon enough, businesses that use social media inappropriately, will lose their fans, and they too will be gone.

If you want me to “follow you on Facebook” or “Twitter”, stop stalking me!  The hovering salesman is creepy, and my social media is a private residence.

Chad Pilbeam – Demotivational Speaker

Chad Pilbeam of, is a demotivational speaker that is really a motivational speaker with a different twist, it causes you to think. You can visit Chads web site at

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