Data Tables made easy in WordPress with Ninja Tables by WPManagedNinja

The Next Generation of WordPress Data Tables

WordPress Data Tables Next Generation

The problems with displaying data tables on WordPress

Let’s face it, who gets excited about a spreadsheet. 

So when you need to add one to your WordPress website, it can always feel like a bit of a drag. Especially if you need to update it regularly, and even more so if you need to add any type of media to it. 

But data tables are a pretty common feature of sites. They can represent multiple deal options, listing services, content libraries, comparison charts, directories, or even league points for competitions!

These have actually got some pretty important applications. 

Deal options are particularly beneficial for affiliate marketing websites. Service listings can be used by anyone from YouTubers to an auto-body workshop. And league points can impact people’s ability to track an event from the small local football league to international competition series’.

So actually, tables and spreadsheets are a pretty big deal. 

The problem is that when it comes to displaying them on your WordPress site, the biggest issue you are likely to face is the complication in making updates or building them. 

And, when you have entries going into the hundreds, the sheer amount of time it takes to do anything makes you cry out for a solution.

Ninja Tables Pro

Well, there is one, and it’s called Ninja Tables.

An easier data table solution

Ninja tables have completely re-thought how you create data tables on your WordPress site by implementing the features and customization that we have gotten used to in other aspects of our WordPress websites. 

Data Tables made easy in WordPress with Ninja Tables by WPManagedNinja

All of these features are designed to make the process of creating and editing data tables far easier and less time-consuming. The other real advantage is that they are increasing the number of uses for them by allowing you to add media. 

We’re going to save the best feature for last because it really is a gamechanger. 

For now, let’s take a look at some of the beneficial features:

Multimedia cells

You can now add different types of media to cells in your table simply by adding media to your WordPress library and inserting it. 

This will both make your tables look more interesting driving engagement, but it also opens up the functionality of tables to affiliate marketing opportunities, product listings, and content lists.

Better branding

You have probably noticed scrolling through other websites or even on your own that tables aren’t particularly attractive. They really stick out—and not in a good way—on websites which makes them very disengaging. This is a particularly big problem when your products or services rely on them. 

With an almost unlimited number of colors to choose from and multiple options for graphic styling, you can make sure that your tables look less like tables and more like an extension of the design of your website. 

Easy cell sorting

Simple tasks like changing the order of cells in your table used to require coding but not anymore. Now with a drag-and-drop style editor, you can easily make edits and changes to your tables without any code. 

You can also select exactly which columns you want to appear on your WordPress site, meaning that you can retain potentially sensitive information in your table for admin purposes without the risk of it becoming public. 

A great application for this feature could be in sign-up details for an event. 

WooCommerce table integration

If you have a WooCommerce store, you can import an inventory style table and select exactly what sorts of products you want to include, for example excluding out-of-stock items. This is part of a larger functionality of search and filtering options for all tables using the plugin. 

Ninja Tables view with Woocommerce

One of the problems often with an online shopping experience is the interface between product pages and your shopping cart. They are often on separate pages which adds further steps to completion. 

With the WooCommerce table, as you add products to your cart, they will appear in a real-time cart to one side of the table so customers can easily visualize what products they are looking at, and it reduces the number of clicks to checkout. 

Perfect for List Sporting Events Results

Are you part of any kind of sporting event? Show results from the last race. Where participants stand in their division. Baseball, football, soccer, basketball, or any other sports team standings. A great way to add these to your team, track, or organization’s website, is fast and easy to do.

Fluent CRM for table input

When you are working with large amounts of data, the ability to display it easily is paramount in using it functionally. By integrating Fluent CRM with Ninja Tables, you can generate invaluable lists of information that are particularly beneficial for any customer care application. 

The data that is submitted in forms can be automatically added to the table making it a fully functioning database. The plugin also includes a large number of configuration options for columns, rows, and cells to ensure that the information is displayed in the most effective way for the purpose. 

Synchronize your tables

Now for the biggest feature, and one that we particularly love at KartHost. 

We all know that adding information to a table can be a tedious task, which has previously been made all the more difficult with the need for coding or clunky WordPress functionality (of old).

Now though, you are able to synchronize your tables with one of the most widely used platforms for creating and sharing information: Google Sheets!

This means that you can easily make amendments to tables on your WordPress site even from your phone—by using the Google Sheets app—and they will automatically update your website content within a few minutes. 

The seamless integration and ease of edits are going to really make this a gamechanger for any business working with time-sensitive content, or just for making emergency changes while you are away from your computer. 

Think about if your town is hosting a sports event and they want to update the results in real-time… they can! It will massively improve engagement on your site as spectators will be able to keep track of league tables that are updated as the competition is progressing. 

With our background in karting, this is a particularly great feature for us as we know a number of communities that will really benefit from it. 

But if you think about it, this can also be applied to selling products in person at fairs, updating content libraries if you are traveling and still publishing, and generally for easier access and editing of directories. 

Increase engagement with your WordPress tables

What we really love about Ninja Tables is that they have massively reduced the complexity of adding tables to your WordPress site, which is something that has SO many more uses than you might first think. 

The additions of drag-and-drop functionality, search and filtering options, and beautifully smooth integrations can offer real productivity benefits for a whole range of businesses. 

As always, we are so happy with what we have seen in the plugin, we have included it as part of our EZWP Complete and (soon to be released) Membership packages.

If you would like to learn more about how you can take your business’ WordPress site to the next level, or if you are looking at starting from scratch with expert help, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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