Meet Dinah: WordPress 4.1 Upgrade

Released on December 18, WordPress 4.1, dubbed “Dinah” after jazz singer Dinah Washington was the last update for 2014, and is now available for download or update in your WordPress dashboard. In just the last few weeks WordPress 4.1 has been downloaded nearly 7.5 million times and counting. Its new features are geared to help you focus on your writing.

Here’s what’s new and exciting for the WordPress 4.1 release:

  • New Default Theme – Twenty Fifteen is WordPress 4.1 new default theme for 2015. It is a very customizable blogging theme designed for clarity, with a mobile first approach allowing your content to be responsive on any screen. There are 6 color schemes to choose from, keeping in line with the elegant, clean themes of the past years.
  • Distraction Free Writing Mode – Once you start typing, the other dashboard elements and modules fade away so you can just focus on writing. Then just move your mouse out of the editor to reveal everything again.
  • Updates to Language Support – WordPress 4.1 has been translated into 40 languages and you are able to choose your own language at any time easily. Additionally, the new default theme takes advantage of Google’s Noto font family, which supports over 30 scripts designed to work across multiple languages.
  • Plug-in Recommendations – WordPress will now has a filter for recommending plug-ins to you based on the other plug-ins you have installed and what is popular.
  • Inline Image Editing Toolbar – You can now easily align images without opening them in media editor.
  • Log Out Everywhere – Forgot to sign out of WordPress? You can now go to your profile and log out of all devices, as well as review the sessions you have on different devices.
  • Vine Embeds – Vine is a popular platform where people can upload short 6 second snippets of video, and has now been added to the long list of oEmbed support. Simply paste a URL onto its own line in a post to embed your videos.

Click here for KartHost’s “Tips On Upgrading to WordPress 4.1”. All our Managed WordPress Clients, we will be upgrading for you and you can expect the upgrades to begin within the next few days. As always, we like to wait a few weeks before upgrading to a major upgrade release to as a proactive way to avoid any potential issues.

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