Alt-text: Boost Your Images SEO

Alternative text, or ‘alt text’ is “text” associated with an image that serves the same purpose and conveys the same essential information as the image.” – Wikipedia.

So, what does this mean to you and I and how can you make it work for your website or blog?

According to this study, consumers are 60% more likely to do business with you when an image shows up in local search results. However, on some occasions, visitors to your site might have turned off their images in their browser, or they may have visual impairments. By using text to describe the images you are using, you are ensuring website accessibility to more users by helping them to understand the content in your images. In addition, by using ‘alt text’ you are giving yourself more places to include key words, which helps boost your site’s Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, which in turn will get your page more views and possible higher rank in search engine results.

Completing the ‘alt text’ field is quick, simple and can really help maximize the value of your site. When you add an image to your site and you are using WordPress, just fill out the ‘alt text’ box, here:

alt text how to

Roy Randolph at KartHost recommends these tips to get the most out of alt text:

  • Alt text should repeat text in the image – if your image has words, be sure to repeat them in the alt text
  • Keep the text short – try to keep the text between 5 and 15 words
  • Use your SEO keywords – use what keywords fit with the image, and try not to use more than one keyword per alt text
  • Keep your text meaningful – remember to define your images for your site visitors

For more detailed tips on how to write your alt-text to maximize your SEO optimization, we recommend this article, “How To Write SEO-Friendly Alt-Text For Your Images”

Check out this fun infographic by MDG Advertising, for more reasons why images are vital to your website.

Importance of Images On Your Website


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