Need to Make Measurements of Distance on Google Maps?

The wife and I have been on a very successful program to lose weight, get healthy and get into shape. And we have been walking a lot here of late (not your causal stroll through the park, but a brisk, late for a plane walk). I am sorry but treadmills just doesn’t cut it, I will use the treadmill if there is no other way to get in the walk, but I much prefer to walk outside than on some “artificial machine” indoors.

So one of the challenges of walking outdoors is determining the distance on a map, like You can kind of estimate the distance but you do not know for sure. Well the solution I found is awesome. Head on over to Daft Logic which has a Google Maps Distance Calculator.

While I am able to measure any custom path I wish to make, (not just on roads, any where) in miles, you also have the option to measure in Kilometers (KM), Nautical Miles (for you pilots), Metres and plain old american feet.

It is a easy way to get most any measurement you will need. Give it a try, I think you will really come to like it like I have.  The below screen shot is just one example of the special route I was creating for a recent walk.

Google Map Distance  measurement tool.


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