How to Make a YouTube Video Full Screen & See Higher Resolution

It has recently accord to me that many people are not aware of the functions on a YouTube video that will allow you to view the video in higher resolution which allows for more detail and less blurriness. Also there are other tools on a YouTube video that can help you have a better experience while watching a YouTube video

Here are the individual tools on a YouTube video:

The 3D Tool – Allows you to watch the video in true 3D, you must have your own 3D glasses. Not all YouTube videos have 3D capability. 3D Tool on a YouTube Video
This Tool allows you to change the resolution of the video, making it a sharper image showing more detail, and the video less blurry. You just click the tool and a menu will appear to select the resolution of your choice, the higher the number the higher the resolution and sharper the picture. But CAUTION, if you have a slow internet connection larger resolution might cause the video to start and stop as it downloads. HD Tool allows you to see a sharper video
If you see a video you like, and wish to watch it later, you can click this tool to in essence bookmark the video for later watching. YouTube Watch Video Later Tool
This tool changes the size of the video (not the resolution). The first rectangle is the normal YouTube video size. The second rectangle is a larger video size. And the one on the far right will make the video full screen. Which is recommended if you select a HD resolution setting so you can see the extra detail of the video. YouTube Video Screen Size selector

Below is an example of a video with all the above tools available.

 Video making Screen Larger


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