DNS is like the Nervous System of our Body

A Simple Explanation: DNS is Like the Nervous System

Just like our brain controls our body’s movements by sending signals through the nervous system, a domain name acts as the “brain” that communicates with the internet’s “nervous system” called DNS (Domain Name System).

Let’s look at the image below to understand this better:

DNS is like the Nervous System of our Body

In this analogy, the domain name is represented as the “brain”. The DNS system is depicted as the body’s nervous system, with the hands symbolizing an email service and the feet representing a website.

When setting up a new online service like a website or email, you essentially “tell” the DNS (nervous system) where to locate those services, just as your brain instructs your nervous system on moving your hands and feet.

So never let your domain name expire, especially if your business heavily relies on it. Renew it at least one year in advance to keep your online “brain” and “nervous system” properly connected!

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