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Can I take payments without a WordPress store?

YES!! WPPayForm making it easy to take payments.

Take payments without a full-blown store

Every business has some sort of product to sell. Unless you are a foundation or non-profit organization, the sales aspect will be the cornerstone of your business – that should really go without saying. 

So the problem is that when you are not a “shop”, why is it so complicated to sell your products or services easily? And, what if you’re looking to not sell anything at all, but receive donations?

Plus, if you are a foundation or non-profit, you’ll be looking at the simplest possible way for you to accept donations from anywhere in the world, and your website is the perfect machine for doing this.

So, why wouldn’t you just set up an eCommerce site?

Keeping your site light

One of the main issues with turning your website into an eCommerce site is that it isn’t as simple as adding a single plugin like for example WooCommerce. 

In fact, even for WooCommerce, you will be required to install at least six plugins to handle all aspects of the transaction process. That will be the primary plugin, another for admin, one for each payment gateway you want, not forgetting invoicing… you see what we mean. 

Apart from anything, eCommerce plugins like WooCommerce are designed for when you have a large product offering. So this will include a host of grouping and tagging features, plus functionality for the customer experience side. 

If your product offering is so limited, let’s say less than five products, WPPayForm offers a far simpler solution that you can easily integrate into your WordPress site. 

And the best part is that it’s a single easy-to-use plugin.

You might be wondering why you couldn’t just use FluentForms which also includes a payment function?

Well, the main reason is that FluentForms, as powerful a plugin as it is, is not specifically designed for taking payments, and therefore it isn’t built for different forms of products/services. This means that while you will be able to make it work for selling one or two products, the process of doing so takes a lot longer.

And the best part is that because WPPayForm includes payment gateways, you only require a single plugin to start. 

How is WPPayForm different from eCommerce?

Easy and fast set up


This is probably the biggest benefit of WPPayForm over any eCommerce platform. Because it is so simple, the setup is incredibly easy and fast.

It means that you can install the plugin on your WordPress site, connect it with your Stripe or PayPal account (included in the Pro version), and start selling your products or services within minutes. 

There is no need to create a store with categories and excess product detail because what you are selling doesn’t require any of this in the first place! 

It’s also partly what we meant when we said that this is a lite plugin; It doesn’t include any of the unnecessary features you would generally find with eCommerce plugins. 

Pre-built payment type templates

Because WPPayForm is designed for businesses or foundations selling very small numbers of products, those products can generally be placed into one of five categories which are provided as templates. These forms are:

  • Contact
  • Donation
  • Event registration
  • Multiple item sale
  • PayPal payment
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Blank template

Within each of these templates are a number of drag-and-drop additional fields that are specific to each. These additional fields are again specific to the type of products that will be sold with this platform.

For example, if you are selling a subscription service, you will have conditional logic fields that let you include options to make recurring payments, including trial periods or sign-up fees just by toggling a switch. 

This specific process is (once again) a real timesaver and a perfect example of why this stream-lined approach separates this plugin from the competition. 

Intuitive design

One of the best consequences of having such a purpose-specific plugin is that because you don’t have so many potentially unnecessary features to fit into a single page, it means that everything is easier to find and therefore easier to use. 

Let’s face it, just because you want to start selling products from your business, or because you operate a foundation, doesn’t mean that you are particularly tech-savvy.

The sheer simplicity of this plugin makes its usability so much wider which is a real plus in our book.

Device responsivity

This is a big consideration for any website functionality and WPPayForms has been sure to address the potential issues of payment forms not being compatible with mobile devices. 

For foundations, in particular, this could offer far greater opportunities for generating donations if you plan to try and promote your foundation at events or on the street. The ability for you to take payments in person can make all the difference. 

And for any business at all, it’s important to remember that more than 50% of website access is now through mobile devices. Ensuring that your audience will not have any barriers to purchase can have a big impact on your success. 

Streamline payments

WPPayForm StreamLine-Payments

For many businesses that either sell a very limited number of products or are just needing to receive payments (or donations), having a full eCommerce store is just not necessary.

WPPayForms allows you to easily take payments from your current website without the need for a separate or bulky eCommerce system. 

Plus, in doing away with features, categories, and options that aren’t necessary for selling such a limited amount of products, they have created a plugin that is far easier to use and easier to get set up. 

And, of course, as an EZWP Complete or Membership member (coming soon) you will be able to experience all of the benefits so that you can start selling your products, subscriptions, or start collecting donations straight away.

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