What’s In A (Domain) Name?


Your domain name is the title page to your address on the internet. It controls access to your website and email addresses. Think of it as your home online that you control and you can use to tell the world who are and what you’re about. Domain name registration is first come first serve. So even if you do not need a domain name today, you’re going to want one down the road. Even if you never set up a website for yourself or your business, now you can even use it as a personal landing page or forward it to your social media pages.

We’d like to share with you some tips and tricks on domain names and thoroughly explain why they are so important to the branding of your business. For example, did you know you can have more than one domain name? One long domain name that is your full company name or what you do to build your website, and a second shorter domain name to use for printed material and your email address. The longer domain helps build your SEO (search engine optimization) and the shorter domain will be redirected to it when typed into a web browser. Using this formula you allow visitors quicker, easier access to your website.


We know everyone keeps telling you to go out and buy a domain name that is your name. But you keep asking them WHY? Well we want to help you with that by giving you something to think about. Over the years we have worked with one-man companies and corporations with hundreds of employees, and the one thing they all have in common is What's In a Domain Name?the absolute need for people to find them by their names. It didn’t matter if it was by their personal name or their company name, they needed to be found on internet searches by their customers and potential customers.

Why should individuals, businesses and organizations purchase their names as domain names?

  • Domain names are your title to your very own piece of the internet.
  • Domain names control access to your website and your email addresses.
  • Having both provide you and your business a higher level of integrity and professionalism.

Learn More about Privacy Protection and why you should purchase it at the same time you buy your domain name.


domain name TLDTop-level domain refers to the last segment of your domain name. Typically it is the last three letters following the final period (.) in your web address.

We recommend you purchasing a domain name that is your name with the TLD of .com If your name is not available we suggest you try adding in your middle name or initial, or the state you are from, or your credentials. If you are still having problems because your name is very common like John Smith, start researching the other TLD’s for its availability.  With our domain name search tool it will give you suggestions that are available and save you some time.


Now what are some of the reasons you need a domain name for your business?

  • Protection for your personal name or your business name being purchased by someone else.
  • Name recognition
  • Allows you to use your domain name (www.mydomain.com) and virtual email addresses (yourname@mydomain.com) on your business cards and letterhead
  • Adds another layer of trust and security to your emails
  • Lets others know you are serious about your company’s success
  • Business branding
  • Your domain name controls the access to both your website and your emails
  • Once you purchase your domain name it is yours as long as you renew it
  • Sets you apart as a professional when your email address is setup with your domain name

Still not convinced? Other reasons to register your name and/or your company name is to protect your name, reputation, branding, copyrights & trademarks, create professional & secure emails, and increase search engine positioning to name a few.

For a list of domain name TLD’s & gTLD’s pricing at KartHost LLC Click Here.

For information and history on TLD’s and gTLD’s Click Here.

If you didn’t know in 2013 ICANN began releasing the new gTLD’s (generic top-level domains (gTLD): Top-level domains with three or more characters) Over 1,300 new “strings” or names will be available and released within the next few years. Now you have the option to select your domain name with a TLD that is something other than a .com , .net or .org 

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