What would you do for $5?

That’s the very question a new web site ask those looking to raise some cash to answer.

The site’s premise is any freelancer can post any service, as long as they charge just $5.00 for the service.


Basically the things you would expect freelancers to offer.

Once the service is posted on the site, any visitor can order the service for $5.00, and the the freelancer has 48 hours to complete the job.

If the job is completed on time, the freelancer is paid $5.00 by the customer.

Some of the services currently offered by freelancers include:

* I will edit your 5 minute or less video on iMovie for $5.00

* I will help you with your resume for $5.00

* Write a 500 word article on any subject for $5.00

* I will design covers for cd/dvd/books for $5.00

* I will send your son or daughter a personalized letter from Santa Claus for $5

These are just of the few of the thousands of jobs freelancers are offering to do for just $5.00.

The categorys are Gift Ideas, Fun & Bizarre, Graphics, Social Marketing, Travel, Writing, Postcards, Advertising, Music & Audio, Tips & Advice, Business, Technology, Programming, Other and Silly Stuff.   Definitely worth visiting and bookmarking.

To find the ‘what would you do for $5.00’ site, visit www.fiverr.com

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