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Website Building: The Basics

Website Under ConstructionWe know running your business and building a brand is no small feat. Maybe you are getting frustrated that no one can search and find you or your products. Maybe you want to sell your products or services 24/7, but are realizing it’s physically impossible to keep that up long. Maybe you have outgrown Etsy or another website platform.  Or maybe you have a journal of information you want to share with an audience, but you need to establish your credibility and trust.

You have the vision, you are ready to share it with the world. You are ready to build your branding, starting with your website, but maybe you’re having trouble figuring out exactly where to start.

Website Building: The BasicsEntrepreneur and Dave Ramsey Personality, Christy Wright, recently published a blog, breaking down 5 simple steps you need to take to get your website launched. KartHost™ is honored to have been personally recommended by Christy, such an amazing leader in the business world, as the best one-stop shop for handling  your website hosting and building needs!

5 First Steps To Building Your Website

  1. Secure Your Domain Name – Your domain name is your very own piece of the internet, which controls access to your website and email addresses. It is widely recommended to use your company name or your own name when choosing a domain, and we suggest using the TLD of .com To get started, try using our domain name search tool, which will give you suggestions that are available and save you some valuable time! READ MORE: WHAT’S IN A DOMAIN NAME?
  2. Purchase Hosting – Like Christy explains in her blog, “your domain name is the face of your business, but your web host is the heartbeat that keeps it running. No one can access your website if you don’t have a hosting service.” Whether you plan on managing your site, or would like us to professionally manage your site, KartHost™ has a cutting edge cloud website hosting service that will work for you! READ MORE: WHAT’S A WEB HOST & WHY DO I NEED ONE
  3. Use Your Elevator Pitch – An elevator pitch is how you would describe yourself or business in less than 60 seconds (you know, the length of an elevator ride). Christy suggests using this as your starting point for writing your web copy – or what will appear on your website.
  4. Be Mobile Friendly – Are you reading this from a mobile device? As of 2014, more people are accessing websites, checking emails & using apps from their mobile devices than their desktops. If you haven’t thought about having a mobile strategy, or your website is not yet optimized for mobile, 2017 is the year to do it! When building your website, we highly recommend using Beaver Builder – a plugin WordPress page builder. There are a number of reasons we love Beaver Builder, including it guarantees your website will look great across any screen size.
  5. Have A Prominent Call To Action – Your call to action, or CTA, is essentially you telling your potential customer/visitor exactly what you want them to do. Your call to action might be a form like “Sign Up Now”, or a button/link “Join Our Mailing List”, or simply a shopping cart on your site.

KartHost™ is here to help guide you through the – sometimes scary – world of building your website. We have the perfect plan to get you started. Check out our EZWP Builder WordPress package. We can help you order your domain name, set up your Branded Email through KloudEmail and guide you through the fun of working on your website with a simple drag and drop website creator, complete with video tutorials.

Completely overwhelmed? Contact us today so we can discuss your needs with you. We will listen to what you are trying to achieve and your expectations and give you our recommendations, knowing what we know and putting ourselves in your shoes.

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