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Top 5 Signs Your Website Needs An Upgrade

Does your website make you proud? Is it the best possible reflection of your business or venture? 

Let’s face it, in today’s digital, tech-addicted world, most people’s first impression of you will be based upon what they see online. Their first stop is going to be your website. So how does your site stack up? Is it professional, responsive and user-friendly? Is your website staying on par with current trends and still relevant to your audience? If you can relate to any of these top reasons to re-do your website, then congratulations, your website qualifies as a “fixer upper”.

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It’s Too Slow

Like the old adage says, first impressions count. How fast your website loads after the click, is the first impression users will get about your site. Loading Icon SlowSo how fast does your site need to be? Google says your pages should load within a 1/2 second, while other studies and surveys say 2 seconds or less is what is expected by most web users. Anything longer than 3 seconds and 40% of users say they will abandon the websites , most likely never to return.

The loading speed of your webpages has a huge effect on user experience. There are several reasons your website is slow, with two of the most common causes being:

  1. Poor Website Development
    • On the back-end of your website, is code too bulky? Extra lines of code make it dense and weigh down your site speed.
    • Are your images optimized and compressed for faster loading times? Check out our review on TinyPNG to easily reduce your image sizes.
    • You have too many third party objects and media slowing your site down.
  2. You have a slow web host
    • A web host provides a space on their servers for your website. Where those servers are located and whether or not you share that space with multiple other websites directly affects how fast or slow your website loads.
    • Shared hosting plans for the DIYers are tempting. They advertise what sounds like low, bargain monthly rates, but in reality they will end up costing you more in the end. Even if your site is secure and functioning properly, when you share server space with hundreds, or even thousands, of other websites, their traffic and security flaws can directly affect your site.

Not only is your website speed important to users, but it also matters to search engines like Google and Bing. There is a direct correlation between site speed and where it ranks on the search engine result pages, along with bounce and conversion rates. The slower your website the lower your search engine ranking will be even if your on-page SEO is on point.

Want help getting found online? Check out SEO Essentials: The Basics


Test your website’s speed on multiple devices to see if you make the 2 second mark. We recommend using Google’s own PageSpeed Tool

It’s Out of Date

Typewriter Web-savvy sites use the latest technology and stay on trend, and consumers like that. Just like fashion, what was in a few years ago is out today. With such significance being placed on the first impression, it’s important to reassure visitors that your site is staying current and relevant to today. Your site should be professional, easy to use and appealing.

Research points to 2018 trends taking a turn towards clean and simple websites. Fast loading, minimalist designs with bold, catchy typography are visually appealing and user-friendly. Another huge trend is security. With so many hacking headlines grabbing attention these days, people are wanting a safe, trustworthy online experience and that starts with the security of your website.


Reasons To Use SSL On Your Website: Let’s Encrypt 


Social media is in. In fact, did you know over 30% of referral traffic to your website comes from social media? Using links to your social media pages are the bare minimum these days. Consider adding sharing tools to boost posts and referrals. Then make sure the links that are being shared look good. The sharing link should have a strong title, eye-catching image and concise copy on what your site or post is all about.

It’s Not Responsive

Mobile Friendly Browsing

A responsive design simply means your website looks great across all platforms – desktop, mobile, tablet etc. In this digital age, people are used to getting information when and where they want it. Nearly everyone – 83% according a Wolfgang Jaegel poll – expect a seamless experience across all their devices. Not only does this help with brand continuity and makes for an overall more user-friendly experience, but it also affects your SEO.

Why Responsive Web Design?


Google says mobile is the dominant search platform, with 48% of users starting their consumer research on a smartphone. A poor mobile design can reflect poorly on your brand, with 57% of users saying they will not recommend a business that is not optimized for mobile views. Without a responsive web design you will seem out of touch with current trends and the modern consumer.

Check your site’s responsiveness with Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test

Your Website Literally Doesn’t Work

Nearly 90% of users say they will not return to a website if they have a bad first experience. You should consistently be checking your site for:

Broken Website Monitor

  1. Broken links
  2. Outdated content
  3. Slow loading images (or images that do not load at all)
  4. Interactive features, like shopping carts, are they working, or complicated?
  5. Optimization for the latest browsers

While some of these things might be quick fixes, others point to a symptom of a larger problem – your site may be running on old software that is no longer supported with the most current browser updates and devices.

You’re Not Gaining Any Business

Maybe your website is visually stunning, but you are still not happy with the results? There can be several reasons your not converting business or gaining leads on your website. Here are a few to consider:

  1. It’s not user-friendly – Can users find what they’re looking for in a timely manner?
  2. Your landing page is confusing – The first page of your website should encourage users to continue surfing your site and lead them through to your call of action (CTA).
  3. Your CTA falls short – A CTA tells your visitors exactly what you want them to do. Do you have one? It needs to be clear and concise.

A well-designed website can be the most important marketing tool you have out there. Your website gives users 24/7 access to your company and brand. A website redesign or upgrade can feel daunting, but your website should be evolving and growing alongside your business. By incorporating all the technologies out there, you will have a leg up on attracting and keeping customers.

Contact us for a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your unique website needs, goals and ideas. We’re here to help you discover ways your website can be more effective.

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