Social Media Website Business Killers

Many times, business owners have approached us with questions of how to tie together their social media sites so that when one site is updated, the other sites are updated as well. While there are many tools out there to accomplish this,…DON’T. It is rare that this will make good business sense for you.

You can certainly save time by using one of these automated tools, what works well in one application on one site will look awkward and unprofessional on another. Additionally, optimizing your social media sites usually involve doing different things on different types of social media sites.

For example, there are some excellent automated tools and plugins that can automate the process of tweeting your blog headlines to Twitter every time you post a new blog article. However, what makes a good blog article title often makes for bad Tweets. Blog headlines have two purposes: the get the article ranked high in search engines, and more importantly, to get people to read the article.

Blog articles typically have a relatively short lifespan unless they can get ranked by the search engines. As you add more blog posts, the articles will fall farther down the site. It is important to craft your blog posts so that they rank well in search engines. This keeps users coming back over and over to view your articles. The headline is the most important part of your article. It gets picked up automatically as the title tag. The challenge is to create a keyword-like structure to the article that balances between ranking well with search engines and getting people to read the article. There are several keys to remember when writing article titles: Start your article with the keywords you want (search engines place greater weight to the first words in the article); shorter titles are better (search engines rank the percentage of the title that are the keywords); and try to strike a balance between an interesting title and one that ranks well.

It is generally a bad idea to use Twitter to update your Facebook status. Facebook is more of a social site, and it generally doesn’t work well to fill your friends’ status pages with sales pitches. This can be a turnoff.

In general, it is a great idea to use social networking sites, but remember to use them in a way that lends well for that form of media. As always, here at, we are always available to help you grow your business. We are not a success unless you are.

Roy Randolph
Head Hostmaster

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