Millions of Emails and Web Sites Affected with DataCenter Outage

Just a note to our KartHost™ clients, you might or might not have heard of the massive datacenter shut down today affecting millions of users. I want you to know KartHost was not in any way affected in this unfortunate event.  If you know of any one that was effected by the outage of HostGator, BluesHost, DreamHost, HostMonster and more hosting companies that is owned and operated by the parent company EIG they had a massive outage early today, Friday August 2, 2013. This is a MASSIVE outage that has affected thousands of clients of numerous hosting company brands. Name brands that are well known and owned by EIG, rest assured that KartHost™ is not on that long list that was affected. You can see the list of EIG owned hosting properties at Wikipedia.  This outage not only affected client’s web sites but vital email service

KartHost™ is an independent hosting company that wants what is best for our clients. When the data center went down today, not only did their web sites go down but their email as well. You cannot know how important your email is until you lose it in today’s busy business climate.

This is why in 2012 KartHost™ added a service called KartHostKloud™ Mail that is totally independent and in totally different data centers than our web site hosting servers. We feel email is so important that we have partnered with Rackspace to bring you, what I believe to be one of the best email systems in the world bar none. Totally secure, redundant email without the privacy concerns that you get with those free services, and you know which ones they are.

Be aware of any hosts saying something like “this cannot happen to them because they are a big hosting company”; EIG is the largest in the world….and it happened to them. What one should do is look at the redundancy plans that are offered to you for both email and web site hosting. With many of our KartHost™ clients email service is of greater importance than their web sites. KartHostKloud™ Mail is not in any one data center, it is spread out over 3 major datacenters across the USA, in Blackburg, VA, Dallas/FtWorth Texas and Chicago, IL.

We know that many of our older loyal clients are still using their email that comes with their shared web hosting accounts. KartHost™ no longer recommends this type of email service because of both reliability and security issues. The problem with any email service that is on the same server as your web site is other web sites when they get hacked by spammers causes all kinds of issues with getting the primary servers IP blacklisted which causes reliability issues of getting your email delivered. Even if you have your own VPS or dedicated server, if the server goes down for any reason so does the email and web site In the old days of web hosting shared email service with your hosting account was simple and easy and inexpensive to deliver. Those days are gone. And as we can see by the unfortunate events that happened and still ongoing with EIG and all its hosting properties, if disaster strikes having redundancy is vital to success of your business.

Rest assured we are taking the course of action that brings you the best of reliability like our new WordPress Fully Managed Hosting service , KartHostKloud™ Mail, the new KartHost™ University coming September 1, 2013, which will be the place to be trained for the most popular and widely used Content Management System (CMS) in the world, WordPress. We strive to improve everyday to make your service better.

If you would like to know more about KartHostKloud™ Mail take a look at our site, or drop me a note.

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