KartHost KloudEmail Provides 14 Day Restore of Emails

One of the benefits of KartHost KloudEmail is the ability of recovering and restoring any emails you might have deleted from your Trash folder. You first thought would be the email (or in case of Exchange your email, contact, tasks etc) are now gone.


Wyatt Matters Explains at KartHostWell with one of the many benefits of KartHost KloudEmail the restore feature can come in very handy if you accidentally place something in the Trash folder and you clear it out. That sinking feeling of knowing that was an extremely important email you mistakenly delete, can be relieved simply knowing that you can recover (assuming you did not receive it and delete the email before the nightly backup).

This service is available to both our Professional Mail service clients and our Exchange clients. A step by step tutorial is available for both in the KartHost Customer Center Knowledgebase.

How To Restore KartHost KloudEmail Exchange Emails – For Exchange Users

For Professional Mail Users – How to Restore KartHost KloudEmail Professional Mail Emails

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