Be Socially Savvy With WordPress Plug-Ins

  • 2.3 billion – the amount of active social media users worldwide
  • 1 million – the daily number of new active mobile social users (or 12 per second)
  • 4.5 billion – the daily number of likes on Facebook
  • 500 million – the daily number of Tweets
  • 95 million – the number of photos/videos uploaded to Instagram each day
  • 5.54 – the average number of social media accounts each user has
  • More than 1 in 3 – Internet users use social media to find out more information on a brand/product

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Based on these staggering statistics, it’s easy to see – when used properly – how social media can be a powerful platform. You connect directly with your users, increase your brand awareness and build trust. Social media is going to continue to evolve in 2017 – is your website/blog ready to capitalize on it?

Like the name suggests, social plugins on your WordPress site allow you to quickly and easily share your content across social media. This then increases traffic to your site, ensures you are staying connected with your users, and  improves your SEO ranking. With over 48,000 WordPress plugins at your fingertips, it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start with social plugins.

Here are a few free plugins to get you on your way to making your site more socially friendly:

For Users to Simply Share Your Content:

Sharify Social Share Buttons

For Tweets: Better Click To Tweet

For Instagram: Instagram Feed

For Pinterest: “Pin It” Lite

To Easily Share Blog Posts: Blog2Social

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