Is Your Website Violating Federal Trade Commission Regulations?

Does Your Web site have a Privacy Policy? If it does is your Privacy Policies and Terms of Use adequate?

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FTC Guardian provides expert help with the legal documents and
compliance that your website needs to avoid FTC violations.
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No law degree required to become compliant, FTC Guardian does the heavy lifting. Their experts have prepared a simple, fast, and customized method for ensuring your website fits the FTC standards.

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Website specific forms produce customized FTC Compliance Documents with easy to implement code to be pasted onto your pages. It's that easy!

  1. Fill out the document forms
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Keeps You FTC Compliant

There are several cases of disgruntled customers filing complaints to the Federal Trade Commision over easy to avoid privacy policy and terms of use pitfalls. Don't become another victim who has to pay the FTC for neglecting their high standards.