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Shield your Domain Name Record: Protect your personal information from Spammers, Scammers, and Telemarketers

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All domain names ‘domain name record’ is a public record. All it requires is to use any “Whois” service to look up a domain name record on a domain name you own. This can be a free marketing source for many Marketing Services. In fact, there are services that harvest your personal information off of the Public Whois Record and sell to marketing Firms.

Here is an example of a domain name record with and without ID Protection:

Without ID Protection

Domain Name Record Personal Info Exposed

Registrant Contact (legal owner of Domain Name):
John P Doe
123 My Street Name
My City, State Zip Code
United States
(555) 555.5555

With ID Protection

Domain Name Record Personal Info Hidden

Registrant Contact (legal owner of Domain Name):
Domain Admin
10 Corporate Drive
Burlington, MA 01803 US
Tel. +1.8022274003

Without ID Protection all of your contact information is public and exposes your name, address, email and phone number to marketing firms, scammers, spammers, and other types of fraudsters.

Personal use of ID Privacy Protection – We recommend using ID Protection on all personal domain names that will allow them (see a list of domains below that do not allow ID Protection).

Business use of ID Protection – We recommend using ID Protection even on your business domain names to protect your information from being easily harvested. However if you plan on using ID Protection on your business domain name make sure to have a very good about us or contact us page, that has more than just a contact email address and form. We suggest you supply a phone number and regular mailing address and other means of contacting to build that trust factor with your internet customers.

ID Privacy Protection is not available on all domain names. The following domain names you can not use privacy protection: .US, .CA (avaialble for individuals, not businesses), .AM, .ASIA, .DE, .EU, .FM, .IN, .IT, .JOBS, .MS, .NU, .SE, .TC, .TK, .TW, .TEL, .UK.COM, .US.COM

What are the regulations for each TLD? To review the REGISTRY POLICIES for the TLD you wish to REGISTER a Domain Name for, PLEASE CLICK HERE. (This will take you to our registrar PDR Ltd.)

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