What is Mobile Sync? and How to Set it Up

KloudEmail Mobile Devices that can use Mobile Sync

Mobile Sync: How it can Make You More Productive

With the proliferation of mobile devices, most everyone wants the advantages to see and reply to their emails on all their mobile devices. If you are using KartHost KloudEmail the optional Mobile Sync service will allow you to do just that with the KloudEmail Professional Mail Webmail.

NOTE: Mobile Sync is exclusive to KloudEmail Suite


Synchronized Emails:

All Your Branded Mail Webmail email and email folders will sync with the latest email PUSH technology with all your mobile devices. Start an email and save as draft and then later open the draft on your mobile device while you’re on the go to finish it
and send.



When you add Contacts in Webmail, they will automatically be pushed to all your mobile devices using Mobile Sync. And if you add a contact on your mobile device it will automatically be pushed back to Webmail, all synced up, not only with Webmail but ALL devices!


Adding appointments to your calendar is a snap. When you do, and you have your calendar activated on your mobile device the appointment will show up with all the notes. If you are out and you add a Calendar appointment, your appointment will be “Pushed” back to Webmail and all your other devices as well.