What is a Favicon and How do I put one on My Site?

So you might be wondering it would be nice to have one of those little graphics that so many sites have these days. These are called Favicon’s and the resulting file name will be favicon.ico.

Favicon as seen in the browser address window in most web browsers

Once the favicon.ico file is created it must be placed in your web sites web root directory. Basically the page that your
home page file is located. This can be done easily enough with your web hosting Control Panel file manager, or very
easily uploaded to your web site using your favorite FTP program. To verify that the file has been uploaded correctly
just point your browser to your domain name and then use /favicon.ico after the domain. So for an example we will use www.karthost.com and make sure the favicon.ico file is where we think we put it, we type www.karthost.com/favicon.ico
into our browser and you should see your little favicon image in your browsers window.

But where can you get one of these FAVICON’s made? There is a wonder favicon generator site I personally like to use.




Once your on the page to create a quick favicon.ico click on Import Image off your PC:

Creating a Favicon on favicon.cc

Creating a Favicon on favicon.cc

Then Click on “Choose File”

favicon.cc03Click on Choose File

Then Click Upload Button:


Once you upload and you like the way it looks just click on the “Download Favicon” link under the Preview > Favicon in original size:

Download your Favicon

Download your Favicon

Remember your Favicon now needs to be loaded up to your web server. If you are not sure how to do that, then contact
your Technical Support group at your web host. Regardless of of the type hosting you have you can have a Favicon
that you can call ALL YOURS.

Now get out there and make you a favicon!

Hope you found this Blog Post useful, make sure to share the knowledge with your Friends!

Roy Randolph
Head Hostmaster
KARTHOST Web Hosting

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