DIY Self-Managed WordPress Hosting

Have Experience with WordPress? Build your clients WordPress sites on our Advanced Managed VPS Container Hosting. And keep your focus on WordPress

Low Cost WordPress Hosting

  • Powered by our Advanced Managed VPS Hosting
  • Choose Your Market - US, UK or Australia
  • Free WordPress Migration by our Professional Team
  • Free Transactional KloudEmail Mailbox
  • Free Domain Name (or Transfer)*
  • $15.97 a month per site
  • Discount on Additional Sites - $12.97
KartHost Self Managed Hosting

Who Benefits from Self-Managed WordPress Hosting?

Intermediate to Advanced Users - Know your way around WordPress?
Handling all your own updates and site security is what you like to do? Perfect WordPress Hosting package for you.

Web Site Designers - You know your way around WordPress but need solid autoscaling, platform-as-a-service WordPress hosting. Perfect for you.

Business Owners - Have your own team to watch your website, but need high performance hosting, with all the extras, this is for you.

Managed VPS Container

Benefit Built on Amazon Hosting with High Scalability

  • Built with Proprietary Convesio Stack that can scale your WordPress website based on demand giving you peace
  • Managed VPS Container Hosting takes the worry off your shoulders
  • WordPress Installed by WordPress Professionals
  • Learn more about what powers all KartHost WordPress Hosting packages. The Convesio Advanced Managed VPS Hosting platform.
Managed VPS Container at KartHost
KartHost VPS Monitoring

High Uptime and Great Performance

Benefit More Up Time = Better SEO = $ for You

In a recent survey, those clients looking for WordPress hosting, almost 70% mentioned Uptime and Speed is the most critical part of their selection.

That is one of many reasons when it comes to KartHost WordPress Hosting KartHost is Agnostic to the platform we use. We choose the best of the best like Amazon and Google Cloud for the core and add our proprietary stack to bring you the best WordPress hosting available.

Free Dev & Staging

Benefit Test and Build without touching your live site

We provide a free development/staging WordPress environment so you can test or build a site without interrupting your live site.

Your development/staging site will be using its own VPS Container (low traffic) but the same environment as your live site.

Free Staging and Development Site
Cloudflare Datacenter Map

Cloudflare DNS and CDN

Benefit You WordPress site becomes faster & safer

KartHost is an Authorized Cloudflare Partner. You do have the choice to manage your own Cloudflare DNS and Settings if you like (from your KartHost Account), but I am sure you have more important things to do. What does Cloudflare do? It's one of the fastest DNS on the planet and combined with the Cloudflare CDN 200 worldwide Datacenters that not only helps to keep the bad guys away from your WordPress site, but speeds up your site around the world as well as around the block.

Daily & Monthly Backups

Benefit You can Never Forget. We have your back!

Your WordPress install is backed up daily and backed up monthly. Coming soon even more frequency of backups! Especially if you are running your own eCommerce website where backups are needed more frequently. If you are not sure what you need, reach out to us and we will be happy to develop a backup plan for you. There is no such thing as too many backups. So no need to spend time worrying about your site backups.

KartHost WordPress Hosting Daily Backups
Free Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate with all KartHost Advanced VPS WordPress Hosting

Free SSL Certificate

Benefit Confirms Encrpyption of Your Web Pages

An SSL Certificate will help increase your search availability, especially on mobile devices by Google. Will protect your website visitors' privacy as well.

KartHost provides Lets Encrypt SSL Certificate for your site for no charge and we take care of installing and renewals!

Compute Intensive Upgrade

Benefit You have the compute power to handle the extra load

A very simple upgrade to your site if you needs have the following requirements

High Traffic - 30,000+ visitors a month? 

Compute Intensive - Designed for WordPress sites that need more CPU, PHP Workers, and Memory plus scaling and performance

When your site and success grows, so will your resources need from your hosting. But don't worry, our team can take care of you.

KartHost Heavy Compute Intensive Sites

Training Videos

Benefit Convient WordPress Training Videos for you or your Client

When ordering you have the option of adding WordPress Training Videos with your WordPress Install. These are great for less frequent users that need a refresher, or maybe someone starting out with WordPress for the first time, or Designers or Agencies for your clients. 

Built In Caching

Benefit No Caching Plugin Required

While you build your site this top-rated “curtain” will allow you to start marketing while you build, and no one can see your real site until you’re ready.

Website Caching

No Caching Plugin Required

It's True

Really no Caching Plugin Needed!

  • Easy to clear Platform Cache
  • And Cloudflare Edge Server Cache
Free WordPress Migration at KartHost

No Cost Migration to KartHost

Moving your WordPress Site to KartHost is simple and painless!

Migration Details

  • Purchase your hosting
  • Request your migration.
  • Provide all your details we need for migration
  • Your site is migrated without Downtime!

Need a Fast Professional Starter Site

Don’t Have Time to build your own website? Let our professional team do it for you. At a cost way below a traditional total custom-built website. You will save hundreds if not thousands of dollars. 

Its time to learn more

DIY Self-Managed WordPress Hosting FAQ's.

No, we do not. We use our Advanced VPS WordPress Platform. However, for other types of hosting, we do have cPanel Shared Hosting if you are looking to build another type of website and not planning on using WordPress.

Receive you domain name registration or transfer free for the 1st year with our Annual Payment plan. Regular renewal rates apply after 1st year.

You may choose from these TLD's:  .com,  .net,  .org

The short answer is yes. We recommend that you check your site at a minimum once a month for updates. However, it is much better to check at least once a week.

If you are not sure how to update yourself, then we will be happy to provide you a checklist for updating your WordPress Site.

With Managed WordPress we take care of all the mundane items of keeping your WordPress updated and safe with an extra layer of security. We want you focused on creating the best possible website, not worrying about bad guys because your install of WordPress hasn't been updated.

DIY Self-Managed is on the same platform as Managed WordPress. We hand over all the responsibility of making sure your WordPress Core and Plugins and advanced Security to you. This is really for more advanced users of WordPress that wants more "hands-on" of the operation of their site but the benefits of our Advanced Managed VPS Container Hosting for WordPress

In almost all cases we can move it! Reach out to us and we would love to discuss moving your WordPress site to our Advanced Managed VPS Hosting for WordPress.

We provide you a secure Advanced VPS Platform. Your WordPress site is the ONLY site loaded into the "Platform"

Here is what we recommend for securing your site.

Shield Security in combination with Cloudflare WAF. You are certainly welcome to use other security combinations of your choice. Another recommended Security Plugin is WordFence. And Webarx Security plugin/service.

The quick answer is yes. 

If your site has any kind of notifications that it sends out, for instance maybe a Contact Form, you need a quality SMTP Email Sending Service that can send those on your behalf. We recommend, SendGrid, MailJet. 

With every install of WordPress, we will provide you with the free Post SMTP plugin so you can use the above services plus many more.

If you do not have any our default platform will send out as a last resort, but there are no guarantees the emails will arrive at the intended sender since there isn't an SPF record allowing to send on your behalf.

It is a necessity to obtain your own SMTP service.



Transactional email is when we as individuals or company's send emails back and forth in normal discussions with an individual.

We do provide you a Credit of $2.49 a month to be used with any of our KloudEmail Email Services.


Yes, we do give a Discount for sites in the same account and using the same hosting package.

For instance, you purchase your first site at regular price you will get all additional sites at a discounted price.