KloudEmail Hybrid

Choose Your Hybrid

2 Great Email Platforms, on 1 Domain Name (Incredible!)

Mix any number of Mailboxes with the one of the following two combinations
Hosted Exchange + KloudEmail Basic or Hosted Exchange + KloudEmail Suite

Save Money

Save Your Business Money and get your power users the benefits of Microsoft Exchange. Best of both worlds and this saves $$ by using KloudEmail Basic or Suite with the other users. And the best news you can share two email platforms on the same domain name.

Team Collaboration

KloudEmail Hybrid allows your team to share calendars and contacts. Best of all, you use the same simple Control Panel for administration (or your IT Department to manage for you) of both KloudEmail Hosted Exchange and KloudEmail Basic (or KloudEmail Suite) email accounts.

Key Features

  • Premium Spam & Virus Protection
  • Online Setup Wizard for Phone | Tablet | Outlook | Other Devices
  • Unlimited Email Aliases (email addresses without mailboxes)
  • Restore Deleted Emails up to 14 days
  • Emails Not Scanned to display Ads
    KloudEmail Hosted Exchange Specifics
  • Free copy of Outlook 2016 for each Mailbox User
  • Hosted Exchanged 100GB Email Storage per Mailbox
  • Syncs w/all Devices - Email & Email Folders, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks & Outlook
  • Share Hosted Exchange Calendar with KloudEmail Basic Calendar Accounts
    KloudEmail Basic Specifics
  • Syncs w/all Devices - Email & Email Folders & Outlook